Do you know who am I?

17 ноября 2011 (16:55:24)

Alleged situation. A child faced with bullies, he is practically no possibility of escape. Quest is the game that participants need to demonstrate a level of confidence, so as to engender doubts have intruders in the expediency of continuing clashes. Children are asked to select variants of phrases and gestures that demonstrate the power, the availability of support, the inevitability of the most serious consequences for the attackers, using the approach, and so on:

- Foreign, let go!

- But you know what you will from my brothers, who are already here!

- Do not you recognize me? It is only for your words of my guys you will understand how to!

- Guys, you did not know what has recently been with those who are molested in the yard with my brother? For me, you get a pohlesche!

- Oh, you're feeling adventurous! And you will find them on your head if you now do not give my bag!

The participants learn how to be a sense of superiority, to say demanding, imperious tone, acquire the same gestures, get used to keep straight, confidently, with dignity.

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