Aspects of self-defense

19 июня 2012 (02:58:41)

Now, what aspects of self-defense, we will explore with you. So this:

1) The offender and characteristics (for example, a rapist with a speech defect, a thief with tattoos, etc.);

2) criminal actions (bullying, threatening, cheating, violence, etc.);

3) personal characteristics of the offender (rudeness, arrogance, aggression, anger, etc.);

4) the error of victims of offenders (amenable to persuasion, believe in obvious lies, etc.);

5) vulnerabilities criminals (inattention, stupidity, clumsiness, etc.);

6) The methods and rules of safety (physical, psychological, intellectual, volitional, legal, etc.);

7) The choice of method of protection taking into account the described aspects, as well as personal fitness, time and location of the event;

8) personal qualities of the defender to help you get out of the situation (the determination, intelligence, calmness, courtesy, speed, strength, etc.).