Basic rules of safety

7 июня 2011 (02:15:33)

These rules are very simple and understandable to everyone. However, since they are basic for them must be mentioned at the beginning of our training. So, a reminder of safety for children:

1) avoid situations that could endanger the life or health. Trite, but it is the first rule;

2) do not play until late in the street;

3) Do not go alone in the desolate and remote places;

4) Do not go anywhere with a stranger and did not believe his words and promises;

5) In no case do not sit in someone else's car without their parents;

6) does not even begin to play with adults, which you do not know;

7) do not let anyone ever touch your body;

8) does not go into the elevator with a stranger;

9) does not accept gifts and treats from a stranger;

10) never let strangers into the apartment;

11) must tell parents if someone has threatened you or done something unpleasant to you;

12) Do not write your name on clothing, hands, things.

That's basically all the basic safety rules for children. If you have something to add, please write in the comments. Analyze the child what he already knew the rules, and what new for him, let the child one more time so scroll in his head that he did not know before.