To beat or not to beat?

20 ноября 2011 (03:56:00)

The players have to find out why it is close to the partner: with peaceful intentions, or to find a pretext for aggression. The participants, who are potential aggressors, tied in a conversation partner, being asked, questions:

- Give your ride a bike!

- How to get to the dairy shop?

- Do not know where the cinema "spark"?

The purpose of such requests and questions known only to him who strikes up a conversation. By intonation, facial expressions, gestures, body movements second participant of dialogue has to guess what is actually required of him. What's the matter, followed by a request (thanks for the information or complaint, bullying), knows only the questioner. In his pocket might be card: black - "beat", White - "do not hit." The correct diagnosis is estimated positive score, erroneous - negative. Participants are given the opportunity to play both roles to play: a potential bully and a potential victim of aggression.

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