Strangle dog!

28 июня 2011 (19:00:30)

We were in the yard of our house. The girls played in the classes. Kids sculpted cakes out of the sand. We were approached adult uncle. In his hands was a puppy. Little of this, pretty. We began to play with the puppy. He cheerfully waving tail and barking, chasing us. Suddenly the uncle grabbed the puppy and went to the entrance to the basement. We heard his words: "strangle dog!" We ran after him. I even offered a dog money. When we all came down to the basement, the man slammed the door. He threw the puppy onto the floor. Nina grabbed by the arms. We shouted, "Quickly take your coat off!" I was numb with horror. Suddenly the door opened, and went into the basement Uncle Kolya. One of its kind enough to speak pitifully rude and friendly, "I told them that the basement can not be. Come out of here!" But the trick failed. Uncle Kolya held firmly in the hands of a shovel. Verzily he took to the police. They said we were with the girls lightly.

Does your child understand why the girl got off easy? What are the rules not complied with the girls, going down to the basement? Repeat with the child moral side of the issue of self-defense.

Away from home

27 июня 2011 (18:10:37)

My mother sent me to the store for milk and bread. I took the bag of money and went. When I bought milk and bread, then decided to buy something else. Much money is left. I decided to go to another store. He was far from our house. But I was quite big - learn in second grade. I quickly came to the store. At the entrance to the store were big boys. One of them approached me and said I should give him the money. I did not want to give, but he grabbed my arm and said, "Do not you know who we are?" I was scared, but suddenly noticed Uncle Kolya from a neighboring apartment. I wanted to shout to him: "Uncle Nick!" Instead of crying I got some sizzle. So I'm afraid. But Uncle Kolya, he saw me, came up. The boys immediately ran away. A neighbor brought me to the house. Mom and dad telling me about what had happened did not.

Speak to your child about what lessons he drew from this story, which broke the rules of the hero of the story.

Incident at bus stop

26 июня 2011 (18:02:54)

Not far from our house train stop. I love to meet the train, especially if someone has to come here. Once the train came a tall man. He approached me and asked: "Girl, you do not know how to get on the board of gardening?" I know where the board. We once went with my dad there for a meeting of fruit growers. I began to explain how to pass. Uncle was blunt. Could not figure out that after the second turn he comes out Cherry on which comes to the board. Then the uncle said, "What can I say? Come on, show me where the board." I wanted to go, but I remembered that shortly I must drive dad. "Now comes my father, he himself will show you the way" - I replied. After that, uncle quickly went away. Did not wait for my dad. Then I learned that this man is lured to her young children to the country and commit crimes. Some girls then seriously ill. And I was lucky that I missed my father did not go with this criminal. Now, I never speak without their parents with strangers. Even when they are very polite and asked for something to help.

Abandoned summerhouse

24 июня 2011 (13:09:24)

Nastia was walking normally until late. Her parents did not always know where she is doing. In the evening she wandered around a nearby house to house in the park. In one of the houses were abandoned furniture, around which grew dense bushes of wild rose. Once, late at night here waylaid her boyfriend, who had long wanted by the police. He jumped out from behind the bushes, grabbed Nastya and tried to clamp her mouth. But Nastya had time to bite the offender's hand, and loudly called for help. Taking advantage of the confusion bitten, the girl immediately whistled a police whistle. Fortunately, the rest near the local guys. The boys rushed to the aid of Nastya. Of course, she was lucky. When the villains are caught, it turned out that he had managed to cripple a few careless girls.


23 июня 2011 (13:05:31)

Once we, boys, were sitting in the yard, playing in the gazebo. My friend bought a Kole transformer. Nick showed us, in that it can be transformed. Transformer everybody liked him. From Colin toys have diverted the motor noise. Car drove into the yard and stopped near the gazebo. Mike immediately offered:

- Let's latched on! Ride as the car will go to the yard!

- Another thing missing! - Said Kolya. - For these things my parents will take away a transformer. And for a long time to buy new toys will not. Mom at home today - the window can still be seen.

Victor Kohl supported:

- I told my mother that if I behave, I will buy a new bike. So I too will not cling.

Refused and Senia:

- What an idea! Fall can be broken. And then the wheels fall voobshe. I'd rather ride a bike.

I could not resist:

- What are you cowards! Mother, afraid of bruises! We must be bold, clever. And you ...!

Nobody said a word. The driver sat in the car, started it and left. None of us moved. Finally, Sasha said, turning to me:

- You should not have both, Anton! I've no intention of clinging to the car. Do you think I am afraid of the father or mother's hope for a gift? Or I'm afraid raskvasit nose? Oh no! I just know what happen to me, my parents would worry about me. Do you remember what it was when I fell from a tree and broke his leg? Under the car, and any fool can get into a wimp. But save the entire head and legs are not always able to. There must have his head.

- That's it! - Continued to Senya. - Ride will be a minute, and then a month in the hospital lying. Or all my life to walk with a crutch. Courage and agility is better in another show!

- Come to the horizontal bar - we called Victor. - Let's see which of us is smart and bold!

Read this story of a child. Ask him who he would agree - with Anton and Sasha, why people do not want to get into dangerous situations and why you sometimes do things that they did go? Repeat simple rules of safe behavior.

The primary means of self-defense

22 июня 2011 (12:56:45)

Let's consider the ways in which you want to learn in the first place. To begin hire a good coach, because that one learn to self-defense is extremely difficult. With the help of

1) learn how to attack in different directions - forward, backward, sideways;

2) then learn the methods of liberation from the different grips;

3) learn how to quickly perform punches, kicks, elbow after release from capture;

4) continue to explore ways to defend against kicks, hands;

5) The need to work out the most popular and accessible locks, straight punches his hand on vulnerable places;

6) work out the kicks to the groin, the knee and other leg locks;

7) learn how to hit your fingers in the eyes of his Adam's apple, and solar plexus.

Develop techniques to automatism must be using a regular and ongoing training. It should be understood that the criminogenic situations are different, therefore it is necessary to train in different conditions, for example, in the dark, blindfolded, etc. Never use these devices without the need!


21 июня 2011 (12:16:28)

In the face of the offender for his temporary disorientation can throw a handful of coins, sand, a mixture of pepper with tobacco, clothing, gloves and hat. For a more prolonged disorientation can use various sprays, tear gas, and you can prepare yourself vinegar and pour it into the enema. Psychologically, we can deduce from the equilibrium, using an ordinary whistle. If, however, neutralize the attacker failed, and he attacked you, use a variety of sharp objects such as pencils, pens, screwdrivers, thrust them in the face, neck, use the keys to strike. You can use the spin, plug, sink and turn right. Use every possible piercing and cutting items to save his life: a piece of rebar, heel, stud, stone, glass, knives - anything that comes handy. Take a bottle by the neck, beat her, and in your hands is a serious weapon. Defend against impacts by large objects (chairs, bags, etc.). They can also cause strokes. Remember that firearms may be used only with special permission.

The legitimate side of the issue

20 июня 2011 (18:57:40)

From the standpoint of the law everyone has the right to self-defense under certain circumstances - be a dangerous encroachment, real and has already begun. Consider what defense in what situation does not become a criminal case:

1) for infringement of the interests of the person, honor and dignity can not cause bodily injury, deprived of life, everything else can be;

2) if the offender violates the health in the form of lung injury, shall be intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm;

3) secondary injuries allowed all but the murder;

4) violence to life or health in the form of grievous bodily harm are allowed any action until the taking of life.

In order to carry weapons must pass tests on knowledge of the rules to use them if you are 18 years of age. To use a variety of aerosols, tear gas, a special permit is required.

Ethical side of the issue

19 июня 2011 (18:34:29)

It must be remembered that the offender in the victim sees a way to capitalize on, and nothing more. All the worst qualities that are only in humans, manifested in such elements of society. Because they feel sorry for yourself, too, is not worth it, they so deserve. Do not be in front of them some good personality traits such as compassion, kindness, and flexibility. They will not fail to take advantage of your honesty in their nefarious purposes. If you feel sorry bastard, you can not defend themselves. Beat on the most sore spot everything at your hands. The only room you have to think at this point, it is for others, so they do not get it. These personality traits, as cowardice, greed, talkativeness, cruelty, selfishness, greed, intemperance, optionality, arrogance, and the like can only do harm to these qualities in himself kept to a minimum. But such qualities as industriousness, humility, teamwork, courage and modesty, on the contrary, it is necessary to develop - they are very useful in my life in many different situations.

Psychology of self-defense

18 июня 2011 (17:05:46)

Now, how to protect themselves from unexpected, and the impending trouble from a psychological point of view. Thus, the rules:

1) be very careful and observant, your vigilance will help to avoid unexpected situations;

2) If you were to dig up suspicious characters, quickly analyze their goals and obstacles that hinder the fact that they have what they want - seize the initiative, Bind his view of subsequent events;

3) be attentive to how the offender hides your fear and trying to scare you or vice versa tells you some nice things, lulling your vigilance. Be bold, decisive, careful;

4) If the criminals have attacked you, act as the forces and developments - use your intelligence and cunning, if there was an encounter, whether bold and do not be afraid if you can not defend themselves, run away and call for help, yell "Fire!" ;

5) If you're frightened, do deep breaths, look up and gently lowered look - try my best not to show weakness, be confident;

6) in situations where there is no way to do something, depicting a man for whom there are important people and said that this place is about to suit his father, brother, etc.;

7) If you notice weakness and uncertainty about the offender, show the will, order him to leave, to clear the road, etc.;

8) if a fight ensued, think about how it would be nice if the offender was punished, in any case, do not think of yourself that you need it to win it;

9) in rare cases can show their fearfulness, weakness, and obedience, but only show with a view to lull the vigilance of the attacker, and suddenly, looking over his back and having called someone a friend, who was allegedly close, to resist, kick or run away - the same applies to the way a need to strike after the offender;

10) is always talk with the leader of the criminals, play to his vanity;

11) if an attacker needs is something you try to break his will in his favor, or so as to gain time, for example, say that the terminally ill, depicting vomiting, a bad cold, so that the perpetrator was a disgusting thing to you;

12) for stealing a car say you saw your friends have seen the abduction, he remember this number of the machine;

13) we know that criminals are looking for the weak, stupid, cowardly, weak-willed victims - do not let a manifestation of such qualities, even the simplest of apathy and depression and develop the opposite qualities - courage, a sense of humor, courage, willpower, determination, and so on .;

14), dressed like everyone else, do not try to stand out, and avoid wear dark colors - black, dark brown, as these colors can increase aggression;

15) If necessary, you must promise to criminals that do not tell, do not hand over to the police, and do not worry if this is the promise made under the threat of great danger you are not satisfied;

16), watch for people who do not get into dangerous situations, analyze the causes, also analyzes himself and try to adjust their psychology so that criminals do not want to have it with you.

Analyze the child, what qualities they already have and what needs to be developed, as well as find out what of the above, he already knew, and that it was new.


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