Armlock (From the diary of Misha I.)

24 июля 2011 (00:59:45)

September 25. Almost a month I have been a struggle. In training we are taught to do cutting. When the coach left, one boy showed us an armlock. I learned how to wring his hand behind his back. Wow! Now I can show someone what's what!

September 27. On the change in school, I suddenly had an armlock on the Kolka. This upstart thinks he's smart and strong. He howled in pain! But now everyone knows that I'm stronger. Understand now what it means to Sambo.

September 30. Me in the yard come some unknown boys. One of them brazenly said that I freed the bench. I continued to sit. Then they grabbed me by the hand and thrown on a heap of sand. One of them said: "Do not let him grab his hands. He knows the locks. My brother said this." I wanted to capture, but I did not work. But I'll show them all!

What can you advise Misha? As he should change his behavior?