Be careful, businessmen!

10 октября 2011 (08:38:42)

There is much talk about how criminals often look not only at how a person behaves, but how people dressed. Unfortunately, sometimes they do not need to see us, to desire to rob our apartment. There are times when our friends tell us is malicious or not about how such and such a good living on the street Ivanov Petrov.

For example, a child home alone all the time, and parents all the time on the road, engaged in trading business. They have all the time driving around to different cities and even countries to purchase goods in order to further its implementation at a higher price. Many, for example, bring the goods from Turkey. Of course, unattended while their parents are shopping cases the child usually does not leave, but any man who looks after someone else may not always be in one place. We are all human, we all have somewhere in the case, we go somewhere, the same daily shopping in the stores has not been canceled.

Whether the trade is good business for the child's parents, who always remains a home? Does not happen, so that удачная торговля arrival will result in a failure when it turns out that the house was plundered, and only as fast as possible to sell the goods purchased to somehow cover the losses. This is good if the child will remain intact.

Parents are involved in trade and traveling for the purpose of purchase under implementation, you must be a thorough and careful approach to how to protect their property, as well as to methods of teaching your child all the necessary safety rules.