Aspects of self-defense

19 июня 2012 (02:58:41)

Now, what aspects of self-defense, we will explore with you. So this:

1) The offender and characteristics (for example, a rapist with a speech defect, a thief with tattoos, etc.);

2) criminal actions (bullying, threatening, cheating, violence, etc.);

3) personal characteristics of the offender (rudeness, arrogance, aggression, anger, etc.);

4) the error of victims of offenders (amenable to persuasion, believe in obvious lies, etc.);

5) vulnerabilities criminals (inattention, stupidity, clumsiness, etc.);

6) The methods and rules of safety (physical, psychological, intellectual, volitional, legal, etc.);

7) The choice of method of protection taking into account the described aspects, as well as personal fitness, time and location of the event;

8) personal qualities of the defender to help you get out of the situation (the determination, intelligence, calmness, courtesy, speed, strength, etc.).

Diagnosing of readiness for survival

6 июня 2011 (01:15:53)

For the diagnosis and the development of preparedness for survival should be borne in mind the following steps of preparation to ensure the personal safety:

1) The student knows the dangerous object, but does not know how to behave at the moment of danger;

2) The student knows the theory of self-defense techniques, but does not own them in practice;

3) The student uses the techniques of survival with the support of a more experienced person in the learning situation;

4) The student is able unaided to apply the methods of self-defense, but only in the familiar, familiar surroundings;

5) the student is ready to survive without outside help in a stressful, difficult situation.

It is advisable to start with an analysis of specific situations, and then move on to the rules and methods of self-defense. Each student is individual approach should be based on personal characteristics, skills, and time and place.

What you need to develop and understand

5 июня 2011 (03:27:27)

As I promised, today we'll discuss something that you and I actually sent. And this is the formation and development:

1) Knowledge of the hazards, types of offenders and how to protect themselves;

2) moral, volitional, intellectual, and emotional preparedness for survival;

3) physical readiness to defend;

4) The reasons of security;

5) The practice of knowledge within the law;

6) the motives of existing skills and learn new skills;

7) The skills of self-control, cold-blooded attitude;

8) creative abilities for independent problem solving in new situations.

Again, 8 points, sometimes vital.

How to work with this site

3 июня 2011 (02:38:22)

Today we just talk about how best to read the pages for better understanding and more in-depth study. First of all, understand that it is not necessary to read everything from the first position by one till the end - this is not necessarily an understanding of the material will be more extensive. In fact, better to alternate columns, reading materials is purely theoretical, it is more close to life, and to alter the games and stories. Just as memorizing material and understanding will always be a child or an adult. Well, generally do exactly as you prefer, this is the key to success.

About site

2 июня 2011 (01:21:29)

Briefly to the fact of what will be the site. We first discuss the methods and rules to protect themselves from criminals and other threats, such as, for example, strolling or just aggressive, but having a dog owner. We then describe various dangerous situations in which the participants manifest themselves in different ways - some silly, some correct and understand how to behave in a certain way it is. There will also be a variety of bonuses according to the type of games and stories designed to study the problem more interesting.

Let's start!

1 июня 2011 (12:20:14)

Today is Children's Day offers a site designed to help children and parents together to explore methods to prevent criminal acts by those who have the conscience to attack the kids with criminal purposes. Indeed, in our time a great many children warns of potential dangers, and to be able to protect themselves from bullies, thieves, robbers, fraudsters, rapists and other criminal elements of society need to learn a lot. And this site is just created to help children prepare for the ability to defend themselves in many situations a criminal nature.