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Disrupt the plans of bullies

19 июня 2012 (04:56:33)

The purpose of the game - to teach children to circumvent attackers (bullies, rapists, robbers). For this reaction to the children of the perpetrators must be unexpected and original. Children can use deceptive techniques to use humor to surprise, amuse, puzzle, etc. to discourage an aggressor.

The participants work in pairs. One of them depicts the attacker, the other must reflect the machinations of the attacker. The defender must act on both the attacker to disrupt his plans, to prevent aggression or to change the intended form of aggression (not fists, and a rude word., Etc.), to win time while waiting for help to create conditions for the flight (to divert attention bully him itself, and so on). For example:

- Kid, give money for cigarettes!

- Wait a minute, now the father fit, his money is.

In summing up the game the highest rating given to those who worked unconventional, take into account the particular actions an attacker was able to disrupt his plans, and set him in a difficult position, who managed to seize the initiative. Полный текст

To beat or not to beat?

20 ноября 2011 (03:56:00)

The players have to find out why it is close to the partner: with peaceful intentions, or to find a pretext for aggression. The participants, who are potential aggressors, tied in a conversation partner, being asked, questions:

- Give your ride a bike!

- How to get to the dairy shop?

- Do not know where the cinema "spark"?

The purpose of such requests and questions known only to him who strikes up a conversation. By intonation, facial expressions, gestures, body movements second participant of dialogue has to guess what is actually required of him. What's the matter, followed by a request (thanks for the information or complaint, bullying), knows only the questioner. Полный текст

Do you know who am I?

17 ноября 2011 (16:55:24)

Alleged situation. A child faced with bullies, he is practically no possibility of escape. Quest is the game that participants need to demonstrate a level of confidence, so as to engender doubts have intruders in the expediency of continuing clashes. Children are asked to select variants of phrases and gestures that demonstrate the power, the availability of support, the inevitability of the most serious consequences for the attackers, using the approach, and so on:

- Foreign, let go!

- But you know what you will from my brothers, who are already here!

- Do not you recognize me? It is only for your words of my guys you will understand how to!

- Guys, you did not know what has recently been with those who are molested in the yard with my brother? For me, you get a pohlesche!

- Oh, you're feeling adventurous! And you will find them on your head if you now do not give my bag!

The participants learn how to be a sense of superiority, to say demanding, imperious tone, acquire the same gestures, get used to keep straight, confidently, with dignity. Полный текст


17 ноября 2011 (06:54:54)

Participants are invited to do the game in a situation where the force of circumstances they have to call for help. Organizer of the game has been discussing options for action that have made children:

- He shouts: "Help me, save me!"

- He shouts: "Help, murder!"

- He shouts: "Help, thieves!"

- Yelling "Fire!"

The kids need to clarify that, in many cases, the cry of "Kill!" etc. No one will answer. Yell "Fire" is often a good incentive to excite even the mentally stale people, because it can affect their personal financial well-being. Полный текст

You have not seen my dad?

14 ноября 2011 (18:09:06)

Terms of the game. The boys must find a way in a situation where the threat of attack (bullies, robbers, etc.) is real and when there is no way to escape, when the preponderance of power is clearly on the side of criminals. Alleged clashes - deserted street, vacant lot, park, and the edge of the forest, etc. Children usually find it difficult to find the right solution, which tells the teacher. During the game, the problem guys is to transform, in his own verbally issue an appeal to the aggressors, "Uncle! You have not seen the three men walking their dogs? Somewhere in here my dad with his friends to meet me!"

In the course of the game during the discussion draws attention to the fact to determine whether the children ahead of the aggressor, to portray confidence and calm, convincing, and whether it was realistic treatment, etc. Полный текст

Advanced attack

11 ноября 2011 (07:54:19)

During the game the teacher reminds the children that it is best to defeat the enemy without a melee. At the same time it is very important not to miss the point, after which the sure to be followed by a blow, it is necessary to feel this moment in time. Typically, in such conflicts the moment of highest tension is denoted by a small pause. Often, the physical action is preceded by verbal attacks. The children are invited to words, gestures, body movements, "bully" to determine when followed by the first blow, and carry out pre-emptive action. "Offender" demonstrates a willingness to attack in different modes of training open to blow up a leisurely conversation with a counter where there is no overt signs of aggression, but concealed the rapist waiting the right moment to attack. The children learn to "compute" moment when you need to go into action, apply a pre-emptive strike. Полный текст

Imaginary wimp

8 ноября 2011 (07:53:48)

During the game, guys get the job to find the options for action when the enemy struck first, is trying to develop an initial success. After the blow, or under the influence of threats to depict a person weak and sluggish, indecisive, unable to resist severe. Then, having lulled the attention of a sudden strike or throw escape. Presenter notes: "The more successful you will be able to portray confusion, depression, fatigue, the greater will be the element of surprise for the preponderance of forces on your side." The children learn to show weakness in various forms: slow action, portraying lethargy and depression, represent torpor, loss of orientation in time and space after the blow. In addition, a special preparation for the transition from weak to simulate the action. To do this, the players give each other the time for action: to strike, to escape. This kind of opportunity to give those who play the role of attacker.

In discussing the outcome of the game draws attention to the following: the plausibility of "weakness" match "weakness" of character assault, timely transition to action. Полный текст

Money? Certainly!

5 ноября 2011 (20:10:59)

Alleged situation. The offender presents to the intended victim of any claim, demand. The job. Those who are robbing, must pose as obliging a person who is ready to meet the requirements, thus blunt the attention and care of the enemy, then quickly and unexpectedly to take steps to protect themselves (to hit, run and throw, etc.).

Organization of the game. Participants are divided into pairs. One of the partners in the pair represents the robber (rapist, the bully), makes demands, threatens, etc. The second party shall represent the victim of a crime. Полный текст

The dark staircase

2 ноября 2011 (19:03:22)

Estimated or actual situation. Upon returning home, the child encounters in the hallway with a group of guys. The boys are showing hostility, aggressiveness throw rude remarks, delay, etc.

The job. Use the psychological techniques of self-defense in this situation.

The players are different. Some use the words:

- Skip, I live here!

- Guys, if I did not recognize me?

- Take the money, I do not want to communicate with you!

- Skip, I'll call for help!

Other players are taking practical steps: run out the door, run past the bullies beat offenders, etc.

Approval of the players deserve the most successful behaviors in this situation:

- The boy retorted: "Dad! Quickly come in, the elevator on the first floor!" Fast runs by bullies, taking advantage of their confusion.

- Opened the door and turning on the street, the boy screams, "Daddy, hold Jack, how he had not broke guys who are in the stairwell." Quickly passing by bullies.

I'm waiting for my father!

30 октября 2011 (18:51:32)

Estimated or actual situation. The child comes to the elevator and sees a man who offers to go along to the cabin. The task: to choose the right course of action in this situation.

During the game, children react in different ways:

- Ignore the proposal stranger in silence.

- Politely refuse a joint trip.

- Agree to enter into the elevator together.

- It is reported that parents expect that just about fit.

In discussing the outcome of the game the highest score receives the latest version of the action.

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