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I do not mind jacket!

30 октября 2011 (16:58:20)

The purpose of the game - to teach children to pick up when the robber should be given clothes and money without resistance. In the specific examples guys sure that if there is a real threat to their life and health (the threat with a weapon, a willingness to physical violence, etc.) are not worth the risk and try to defend some personal belongings.

During the game dialogues trained participants ("thieves", "petitioners") appeal to children with the requirements of:

- Let me see through binoculars!

- Take off your jacket! Otherwise, get it on the head here! Полный текст

Deserted street

27 октября 2011 (00:08:40)

Anticipated circumstances. You go to a deserted evening streets of the city. Suddenly you notice that you are haunted by, waiting for the right moment to attack. The players lose options in this situation:

- On the way take out the keys to the apartment, to the haunting heard them ringing, enter in some lighted staircase, mimicking the return home.

- Go to the other side of the street.

- Rush to flee in the direction of the lighted and crowded places.

- Calling on the pay phone, "Yes I am already at the bottom, get down, I'm waiting for you!"

- Stops a cab.

- Suitable for a man walking a large dog, tied a conversation, pretending that he was their friend.

During the game, leading at times introduces new circumstances: "You saw at the entrance of several men talking," etc. Полный текст

Special features

24 октября 2011 (16:47:45)

The purpose of the game - to teach children to memorize the signs of the criminals.

Alleged situation. The attacker has committed a crime and flees the scene. The task of participants in the game - a good look at the criminal, give it a description.

Instruction for players of the game, playing the role of crime victims. On your attack. Given that an attack could happen again, you talk about parents. From how you describe everything exactly the striker will continue to depend on your security and safety of your loved ones.

During the game are two main options for its implementation. The first is based on the use of photographs, drawings, video fragments. After viewing the images the children describe the "criminals" by the scheme: the hair, eyes, nose, face, chin, ears, mustache, beard, complexion, height, age, sex, handicap, birthmarks, scars, clothing, cosmetics, jewelry. The second option assumes that the role of "identifiable" does a real person, for example, a teacher or someone from the students. The children learn to describe the appearance of someone who is currently in front of them, gradually assimilating the scheme of the description of appearance. In the course of a game involving real people children learn to describe the gait, voice, looking particularly human, psychological and moral characteristics of the "criminal". Полный текст

Dad, quickly to me!

21 октября 2011 (21:41:04)

The purpose of the game - to teach children to distract the attention of the offender in order to be able to escape.

Alleged situation. In the park, on a lonely street child met the attacker, who attempts to rob or beat it. The threat of violence is real, is expressed in words, view, threats, demands. Pre-prepared children are involved in a collision with a robber (bully, rapist), which depicts an adult party games. Knowing the methods of distraction offender, these children come close enough to the "threatening" to distract his attention to the words, gaze, gestures. "Daddy, more for me!" (looking for a back verzily), "And here is the police!" (pointing to the side), "and here is my bulldog Negus," etc. After this, the guys run away, taking advantage of the confusion the "enemy." Other participants in the game are modeled by varying versions of sentences, making his tone, nuances. Полный текст


18 октября 2011 (14:58:06)

How many times we lose, for the reason that happens is not ready for the unexpected. Most decent person comes into disarray when a clear dishonesty, rudeness or violence against the person. Give change? But there was never a rude measure of force. A properly uttered a sharp phrase may confuse and rude! We work out the most difficult situation, because such cases and to cause the greatest confusion. Give away such a situation. Imagine a robber attacks you. So, right in broad daylight. Perhaps he was armed, but the only weapon for you - the word. What can you, with the move to oppose him? Indeed, in such a situation, an extreme situation, probably, the word also does not help any. The solution of this situation requires an extraordinary approach. The robber usually enjoys a surprise. Probably the best and the same answer. And what is it surprising? Here in this and the question. It will help only a fantasy, imagination and resourcefulness. So, let's give away pairs of such a situation. In each pair the left - a robber, and you are on the right - the victim. Do you have time, just a few seconds. Please begun. Thank you. Now quickly reincarnated. The robber enters the right in each pair of players. So, a few dangerous moments. Полный текст


16 октября 2011 (09:27:21)


Perhaps it is no secret that before a child can pass some sophisticated learning techniques, such as self-defense or the rules of safe behavior, he should be able to perform basic tasks: read, read, write, etc. Otherwise, in the worst case He may grow out of an illiterate and Turk.

For the overall development of the child must understand not only the basic reading, writing, mathematics, but also have to understand the values ​​and to think spatially. It is impossible to train a plant or animal self-defense, because they are trained to do this. Maybe not quite good comparison, but that we are different and that they are able to learn very much.

Ask your child if he could, for example, the clocks per second to meters or kilometers. Test it. Themselves if forgotten, as translated values, use the converter to check the baby. At the same time, and do learn some forgotten material. We have something for adults it is not so important, but for the overall development of children and set the correct outlook is very useful. If you want your child to become a sort of crazy fighter, you can not develop it fully. But these things is not recommended.

Dangerous taxi

14 октября 2011 (19:26:41)

Alleged situation. The teenager, forced by circumstances to take a taxi, is convinced that he was in serious danger. It is absolutely clear, since it is not being taken there, where he asked, and the driver's conversation with another passenger made it perfectly clear. From party games you want to make a decision in this situation, do something for their salvation. The boys react differently, "jump" on the corner, trying to "break" the car window and ask the driver to stop, "beat" him on the head, etc. The highest estimate head games deserve behaviors that take into account the fear of criminals, that they expose, ie, their fear of the witnesses. For example:

- Driver, grins you wonder, will laugh at others!

- What's that? Lad, you're threatening me?

- Do not you see that I was seeing off his brother. He always remembers the number of the machine, which sends me somewhere. Tomorrow you will find the police, if you now do not take me home.

The guys took turns in pairs lose the dialogue kidnapper and his victim. The teacher brings to the game new nuances and details: force someone pulled into the car, the car hooked into some new "passengers", etc.

When discussing the course of the game the teacher said the most resourceful kids whose actions have put a dead end "of motorists."


13 октября 2011 (09:25:44)

Alleged situation. The teenager captured by the blackmailers that require his parents a large sum of money, threatened with punishment in the case of delay in repayment. Roles: the blackmailer, hostage, seized a parent of the child. The task: to use all chances for a quick release, to ensure compliance with the rules of survival in case of abduction. During the game, "invaders" require "hostage" information on the amounts of money in the possession of his family, threatened with punishment, require that the trapped asked, begged their parents to immediately deliver the money, asking if he knew any of them, and so captured item must demonstrate knowledge of rules of conduct in such situations, restraint, calm, observant. After the "liberation" of the crime victim asks questions about the appearance, manners, speech, and other characteristics of the perpetrators.

The child is lost

11 октября 2011 (19:25:01)

Alleged situation. A child from the parents behind, was in an unfamiliar area of ​​town. He needs to seek help from an human. The child must be able to understand people, sensibly explain where he lives. The tasks of the players can vary. For example, children can offer so to speak during the "search" the way to the house to avoid a visit to the apartment uninvited guests (to hide your exact address.) The game is played in different situations and settings: home, yard, on the street, in shops, in the classroom, etc. to participate in the game can be a different number of children and adults. Moreover, not all the players are aware that participating in the game. For example, my father plays the role of outsider, the son plays the role of a lost, the police officer plays the role of a policeman, not knowing what happened to him play a game of "Lost." The game can take a whole class of students participated, along with invited adults. Adults and high school students play the role of policeman, old women, mothers with a child, impudent fellow, etc. Students, of course, play the role of a lost.

Telephone call

10 октября 2011 (08:12:59)

The purpose of the game - to teach children to ensure personal safety during a telephone conversation.

Estimated or actual situation. A child in an apartment. The phone rang. A stranger asks to invite someone to call a parent. Mission: to answer so as not to jeopardize their safety.

Some of the guys in the game make a mistake: "Parents are not home", "I'm home alone", "Mom has not come home from work", etc. However, the most prepared and savvy children react properly, "Daddy is busy, call later", "My parents are about to become vacant and call you. Tell me, what number and who to call", etc.

Terms of the game are changing frequently. The child on the phone asking different questions: "What is your phone number?", "Boy, this call to the telephone exchange. Tell me what your address!" etc. Children should be guided by the need to be careful not to give too much information to someone who might be an intruder. Полный текст


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