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"Come with me!"

10 октября 2011 (07:55:55)

The purpose of the game - to teach children to behave properly when you try to take them on an mature machine.

Alleged situation. The guys are in the roadway. At roadside stops the car and the driver offers children a ride, shows a box of chocolates, promises that the planting will be of interest, etc. The players have to choose to conduct a similar situation. The children respond in different ways: in silence turn away, say they do not like sweets, meet the parents forbid them to sit in someone else's car, etc. Together, it is concluded that in this situation should not engage in conversation with the driver that the approach the car is dangerous. Further conditions of the game changed. "Driver" says: "Guys, I do not know how to get to market. Show the way, be kind". On refusal, he responds, using children: "Guys, well, who knows the city better than you. Who may I ask, nobody knows". Pulling into the conversation, lulling the vigilance of children, "driver" pretends that he can not understand the verbal description of the route, asks: "Why, in words you can not tell, get in your car and show them where to go!"

The game can be conducted with the children several times. The conditions and actions, "the driver" range, for example, he says. "I sent for you, your mother", "Let's go quickly to the hospital, your dad had an accident and he underwent a serious operation", etc.

Summing up the game, the children come to the conclusion that to get into someone else's car without permission of their parents can not, even if the host machine the familiar people, even if the person asks to see the road or says something plausible.

"I'll wait mom at home"

10 октября 2011 (07:44:00)

The purpose of the game - to teach children to behave properly when trying to a stranger under any pretext to enter the apartment during the absence of parents.

Estimated scene - the yard, in which they live guys who play near home. During business hours, when parents are not home, the children approaching an unknown woman, which refers to one of them by name: "I am your mother asked her to wait in your home. I came from Moscow, brought medicine for you. Let's go to your house, I wait for your mother. " The task of the participants of the game is not to yield to persuasion, to find a reason for that unexpected visitor waited elsewhere. During the game, people plays different roles: a policeman, fireman, gas service worker, plumber, etc. At the same time he is in relation to different circumstances suggested the children come to him in the apartment for some very urgent and important matters. In summing up the game it is concluded that, under various pretexts scammers often try to get into the apartment, taking advantage of the credulity and negligence of children. The teacher approves the actions of those children, who offered to wait for their parents, said that parents are just about fit, notice that an urgent intervention in their apartment should be implemented together with the neighbors uncle Vasya and Uncle Kolya, etc. In other words, worthy of appreciation those guys who have shown resourcefulness and ingenuity.

Childish games

10 октября 2011 (07:31:11)

Today's children are increasingly prefer to play on the computer. But this is not normal. Especially when the baby cries, that accidentally deleted the game from a computer with a stick on which she was, all the information has also been removed. It is a pity that after this child does not know what to do. Полный текст

Разглядеть понт

2 октября 2011 (09:26:32)

Смысл игры заключается в том, чтобы распознать в преступнике трусливого парнишку, пытающегося изображать из себя "крутого перца".

Пример: первый игрок подходит ко второму, играющему роль жертвы, и представляется самым влиятельным парнем на районе... Полный текст

You're right? And I like that!

1 октября 2011 (07:59:47)

The purpose of the game - to teach children to enjoy the right to defense. Alleged situation. On the teen attacked by a criminal using one or another means of attack. The teenager has the ability to use other available means of self-defense. The job. Choose a game situation of self-defense tool, given the requirements of the law on the limits of necessary defense.

Organization of the game. The game has two roles: attacker and defender. In addition, each of the players have on hand a variety of objects or models: a gun, knife, brass knuckles, a piece of rebar, stick, chair, umbrella, gun, bottle, etc. The aggressor has been active on the playfully ironic verbal attempts to use a knife or gun. The defender chooses the means of protection, while seeking to avoid exceeding the limits of necessary defense. Lead with the need to complicate the rules of the game, "Defender recognized striker of the person looking for the police on suspicion of murder. It is known that this man is armed with a firearm", etc.


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