Theory and practice

14 августа 2011 (17:57:23)

I remind you that our website is designed specifically for children and their parents, namely, that any adult could teach your child important theoretical part of the issue of self-defense. In fact the more in any field, and the younger the trainee, the easier and in the practical part, the better and more fruitful will his whole life. Of course, the information presented on this site can serve as many adults whose parents in the upbringing of a child is not paid due attention to the child's ability to protect themselves and do not condemn it to the very simple life. But in this case the results are not as positive, but still better late than never. Perhaps in the future, the site will be information on self-defense and self-defense, relevant for all adults. Полный текст

The importance of personal growth

12 августа 2011 (17:44:16)

One of the important rules that you should have learned - is that it is necessary to cultivate a strong-willed qualities of character in order to avoid becoming a victim of the offender. Criminal element is usually looking at a person, a potential victim, from the standpoint of psychological personality traits, and if he sees the weakness in it, will certainly hasten to take advantage of it. Especially at risk are those who dwell in despondency, apathy, and depression. So for your own safety it is necessary to develop a strong personality, capable of withstanding the circumstances in an emergency. These features are essential for our own success, career depends on how he prepared for life. Parents should pay attention to this point, bringing up a child. Полный текст


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