Protecting the child from the pickpocket

14 июня 2011 (20:28:11)

To insure against theft invisible, the child must remember the following rules:

1) do not carry valuables in places where they are easy to get;

2) closely monitors their belongings;

3) try not to transport anyone to stand back to back, better keep your valuables in the inner pockets;

4) Do not open your wallet unnecessarily, not the rustle of banknotes;

5) when entering a crowded transport hold the bag in front at chest level so that you could see everything going on around her.

Speak to your child about how to make it difficult to obtain illegal profits pickpockets, as well as how to make their lives easier, by behaving clumsily.

Protecting children from abduction

13 июня 2011 (20:08:23)

How to reduce the risk of child abduction by criminals? For this we need to teach the following rules:

1) can not walk in deserted places, go there only in the presence of adults;

2) the child should not allow strangers to approach too close, it is necessary to keep a certain distance;

3) can not come close to stopped the car;

4) if the child will notice something suspicious, a group of persons, etc., it is necessary to turn the other way;

5) The child must be as vigilant to notice someone watching from the side;

6) if the child is still under attack, he must create as much noise to attract attention.

Talk to your child about what actions to increase the risk of abduction, and what actions to reduce.

Rules of conduct in the street

12 июня 2011 (19:47:49)

Instruction for children caught up in the street without their parents:

1) do not go for a walk in deserted places, do not walk through unlit, narrow streets and alleys;

2) if you still ended up in a deserted place, go exactly in the center of the road, so the probability of a surprise attack will be reduced to a minimum;

3) the carrier with a whistle in case of imminent danger whistler briefly 2 times - if there will be police officers, they will understand the signal, which means "To me, help!" ;

4) If the front is a crowd of teenagers or adults, go turn in the road or the other side, the same applies to drunk people and standing vehicles with noisy companies;

5) no one talk, if you and I are trying to get in touch, make it appear that somewhere in a hurry and go to where more people;

6) If you suspect that someone from behind you, goes over to the other side, if the harassment continues, go to crowded places, call for help;

7) when the attack occurred, take compulsory measures, breaks a window in the stone houses to attract attention;

8) If you threaten criminals and need to give them some thing better to give - a life more, be sure to remember the criminals.

Parents, talk to your child about what it can to warn of danger on the streets and what mistakes can cost lives or health.

Rules of Conduct if there is someone in the house

10 июня 2011 (05:37:31)

Today we consider the situation when the child came home, and in kvaritire were strangers. So, how to behave.

1) The child should immediately leave the apartment and close the door with the key must remain in the castle;

2) continue to ask neighbors to call the police;

3) If a child is unable to leave the apartment and stayed with the criminals alone, he needs to behave more modestly as possible, to make it clear to criminals that there is no threat to them it is not because they are likely to leave the apartment, the child should try to memorize them;

4) if criminals attacked a child, he needs to shout "Fire!" Because, in practice, but this cry of neighbors respond;

5) If the attackers left the apartment, the child should not touch anything until the police arrive, because you need to save all the clues to catch criminals.

The child must be a clear understand that criminals can not scare and threaten them, as this may result in failure for your child.

Rules of Conduct when someone was in the apartment

9 июня 2011 (05:00:56)

God forbid, of course, but if it happens is that when he returned home, the child finds the door open, and the parents are not at home, and none of the relatives do not have your keys? His children must be informed in advance how to behave in this situation. Thus, we consider the basic rules of behavior in a memo to the child:

1) If returning home, you will see that the door is open for no apparent reason, do not go into the apartment, there may be a thief, which would cause harm to your health;

2) Get up close to the door and listen attentively, shall not be issued if someone's voice out of the apartment - if you talk to your family, come and warn them that they forgot to close the door;

3) if the votes can not be heard, then it should alert, check the integrity of the locks, do not crack a door;

4) If the locks in the order, call the neighbors and tell them that takes a crane or think up something else that they entered the apartment first, and the door must remain open;

5) after paragraph 4 will be done, look through all the rooms, there is somebody outside, and there are no signs of theft, was not affected if the order of the house;

6) if you discovered that the apartment visited by outsiders, the lock broken, or stolen something, come out of the house, ask neighbors to call the police and wait for the arrival of police outside the apartment.

Parents, teach your child how to behave, it is necessary each time to inspect how the child has learned the material. After reviewing this memo, once said with a child, what should and should not be described in a dangerous situation. Repeat appropriate safety regulations.

How to protect the home from burglars

8 июня 2011 (00:59:18)

Continuing training children properly safe behavior, and today we'll talk about how to behave in a child when he is home alone.

1) If the child stayed home alone with himself, the first thing he should do - is to test all possible inputs and outputs in an apartment so it was locked.

2) It is necessary to punish the child so that he did not open to anyone and not even approached the door.

3) If the door will start to stick the keys trying to open, the child must publish any sounds, dropping something, etc., so that the thief realized that someone is at home.

4) If the door is trying to hack, you also need to close the chain and all of the additional clips, and then call the police.

5) If no phone, you need to attract the attention of neighbors banging on the pipes, screaming through the balcony, etc., to request a window or balcony to call the police.

6) If you get a phone call strangers, not to say that adults do not, we can say that they are busy, wash, sleep, and so forth.

7) If the robbers broke into the apartment to find a quiet place (terrace, balcony) and hide. From the balcony you can call for help or ask to call the police.

8) Opening the door to friends or relatives, see that behind them there was no one, and after they enter the apartment, quickly shut the door of the castle.

9) If a child comes home to an apartment where there are no parents, and someone is lagging behind, it is necessary to call neighbors to call and go to their presence in the apartment.

Basic rules of safety

7 июня 2011 (02:15:33)

These rules are very simple and understandable to everyone. However, since they are basic for them must be mentioned at the beginning of our training. So, a reminder of safety for children:

1) avoid situations that could endanger the life or health. Trite, but it is the first rule;

2) do not play until late in the street;

3) Do not go alone in the desolate and remote places;

4) Do not go anywhere with a stranger and did not believe his words and promises;

5) In no case do not sit in someone else's car without their parents;

6) does not even begin to play with adults, which you do not know;

7) do not let anyone ever touch your body;

8) does not go into the elevator with a stranger;

9) does not accept gifts and treats from a stranger;

10) never let strangers into the apartment;

11) must tell parents if someone has threatened you or done something unpleasant to you;

12) Do not write your name on clothing, hands, things.

That's basically all the basic safety rules for children. If you have something to add, please write in the comments. Analyze the child what he already knew the rules, and what new for him, let the child one more time so scroll in his head that he did not know before.


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