Истории из жизни

Unpleasant story

19 июня 2012 (10:31:10)

A nasty story befallen with Victor Ivanov. The parents had engaged in trade, often travel to Turkey and China. They bring a lot of good things and favorite son. He walked in the jackets, jeans, sneakers, which are the heroes of Western movies. He is usually in the pockets of money not only for ice cream. One day Vic heard your yard dvuhkassetny stereomagnitofon. To strangers he was approached by the boys and demanded from him, so he brought home a large sum of money. They threatened him that if someone says a word, they pokalechat his younger brother. Victor was afraid for his brother and met the requirements of criminals. After a while the guys again demanded money, but this time did not bring. For this he was severely beaten. They said that if anything will burn the apartment "hucksters." Then Vic found in the cache and then brought the money to them. But this time he was lucky Beginners extortionists were caught stealing in a booth and sat down for a long time in prison.

Think with your child as you can do to avoid trouble. The child must understand the consequences of yielding to criminals.

The call on the radio

11 октября 2011 (18:48:42)

This story happened to my friend not so long ago.

Kolya's parents left for the weekend to visit my grandmother in the village, leaving children home alone. Severely punished not leave the house, never open the door, and on the telephone to speak only what the parents are busy, but always call back soon. Nick and his sister Masha had never dared to disobey, knowing why they were given such strict mandates.

The case was on a Sunday. Lessons from Nick and Mary did on Saturday because the house was doing nothing special. Nick could not stand it and suggested we go for a walk, but Mary recalled that the parents said. Полный текст

A serious conversation

13 сентября 2011 (11:17:37)

My friend Kolya's brother works security guard. His name was Athanasius. Previously, he served in Special Forces. Athanasius great shot, great fights. He protects the employees of some serious company. The guy he is strong, but his fists are rarely in the course admits. I once saw Athanasius say a few words of some guys. They molested the girl, dirty swearing. After the words of Athanasius hooligans as the wind blew.

Once we have argued with Nicky about why someone being beaten, robbed, cheated, and someone lucky. We argued until we were hoarse. Then I said, 'Let's Athanasius tell what we think. Let him judge between you and me. " We went to his brother Colin. He agreed to listen to us.

I gave his opinion:

- All or nearly all depends on luck, from the fate of the circumstances. No matter how you sit at home, you can always run into robbers, and they just robbed you. It's like the saying goes: "From the wolf is gone - the bear came." If someone does not like you or someone decides to beat or insult you, you also can not help it. How can you like villain, or boor? And the statistics are about the same saying. Rob and kill more often. Nearly all have suffered from crime. Someone robbed more than once. Someone robbed. On the person next to nothing depends. Try to get away from robbers - narveshsya on the killers.

After that, Nick said:

- Everything depends on yourself. If you are strong, smart, brave, fast run, you know how to defend himself with his fists, then with you, nothing will happen. There are no hopeless situations. You can always think of something, to make sure that does not suffer. If something happens to you, then blame but yourself. Not noticed in time bullies, unable to escape, unable to dislodge the knife from the hands of bandits, did not put a strong lock on the door, somewhere else overlooked, could not, would not. And then fate, fate, luck, if you are a coward, a quitter, a wimp? And here the circumstances?

Athanasius listened to us carefully and with interest. Then he said what he thinks. It turned out I was right in something, something human Kohl. But his brother said something with which we agree with Nicky had both. Athanasius on concrete examples convinced us of the following:

- From the man, much depends. He can and must fight for his life, for the safety of their loved ones. It is important to be strong, smart, courageous, intelligent. However, it is that circumstances are stronger than humans. For example, accidentally fell from the balcony of the box with the flowers and kill the strong and courageous person. In most cases, misfortune happen to those who are weak, weak-willed, stupid, cowardly. For them, often even favorable circumstances turn into a disaster. For example, a man bought a car. Now do not go through the dark streets, do not risk facing hooligans and looters. But greed and stupidity have done their job. Hankering for money, drove drunk guys. And he was killed by his clients.

Athanasius told some interesting cases from their work. We listened with bated breath. Above all, Colin's brother said:

- A strong, intelligent, well-trained people can get into trouble. But he has a better chance to survive, to survive, to prevail over the criminals. With regard to the circumstances, many of the circumstances we are doing. Just not all of the circumstances beyond our control. But I even like it. If we could foresee everything, everything to provide all the warning, life would be boring. I like to overcome obstacles, I can not imagine life without risk and unexpected twists of fate. Athanasius thought for a moment and said something over which I still think:

- When me into trouble, I ask myself if all I did was that there was no trouble. I do not usually kill, as some do not blame myself for what happened. Indeed, sometimes circumstances are beyond us. If he is guilty, then try to learn, to understand where I was wrong, showed weakness. That then such slips are no longer allowed.

Who do you most agree? A younger child whose opinion favors?

A shot in the woods

2 сентября 2011 (06:18:38)

Until now shudder to recall that day. It began well. We decided to celebrate with classmates successful completion of the tenth grade. Early in the morning went by train to get a good rest in the forest, swim in the lake. We arrived without incident. Pitched our tents. We had lunch. Nothing boded trouble. Oleg went along the lake to search for fishing. The other guys, too, did not sit idly by. We went with Boris collect firewood for the bonfire. Send to a not too far from our camp. Suddenly it seemed to me that someone is sneaking up on us. I thought it was one of our watches us and wants to scare us or make fun of something. I quickly hid in the bushes. At this point, the trees shot rang out. Boris cried out and fell into the grass. Out of the bushes I could see that he is not moving. Then he told me that he was lying motionless on purpose. Realized that could be followed by a second shot. And I did not know what to do. Approaching a friend was deadly. The gunman could hide and shoot at me. I exerted all his vision and hearing, to understand what's going on. And then I heard that the guys running towards us. I thought that they must somehow warn of the danger. Sounds donesshiesya other hand clearing, instilled in me a hope. I heard someone removes deep into the forest. Dry branches crackled on and on. And then I ran over to Boris. What I saw made me cold chills. I did not feel under a foot, head spinning. Полный текст

"Expensive purchase"

24 августа 2011 (02:06:13)

Yesterday my friend Kolya mom was in the hospital. And how come I've learned from the Koli.

His mother, our cheap goods on the market. I bought just so much that almost claimed. It was late. The money she had in a taxi. But she went on the bus. Then I went with a heavy bag through the park. So the path is shorter. The park Colin mom met some criminals. To throw things and get away from them she did not dare light. These guys are quickly caught up with her. Beat away the bag. Now Colin's mother in the hospital. They say it was hit on the head with something heavy.

How would you describe the woman caught in a hospital? Полный текст


22 августа 2011 (01:59:41)

We first settled in the new multi-storey building. As fans wandered the entrances to profit at the expense of others: got into the apartment, rented, twisted and broke out all that you can carry and sell. The first night we gathered furniture, dismantled the most necessary things. Suddenly, I heard our front door trying to crack. I looked through the peephole. On the platform were about five. One of them struck his foot against the door. I yelled: "Guys, you got the wrong address!" Continued pounding on the door. I knew that there were instances when entire families were killed in their own homes. I had to get it and charge dvuhstvolku. Then my wife could not stand it and shouted: "Nick, do not shoot, wait, they will!" Blows on the door stopped immediately. After some time stamping of feet was removed down. We were saved.


20 августа 2011 (20:29:25)

Times were hard. It was in 1937. We lived in a small town of Altai. Criminals have committed atrocities. Were frequent occasions when criminals broke into the houses, looted, killed their families. We lived in a one-story house. Mom put the trays at night on the windowsills. They had to ring out when someone climbs out the window. One night, a loud knock at the door. Then they began to break out. Strong attacks followed one another. His grandfather, Ivan went to the door. In his hand was a gun. Shouted: "Stop, I'll shoot!" The door continued to break with renewed vigor. There was a deafening shot. The shot broke through the door through. I saw in the window, as some people run away from our house. They did not come.

Is it possible to recognize the actions of his grandfather Ivan legitimate in this situation?

Jumping from the second floor (from the testimony of Andrew J.)

18 августа 2011 (20:02:38)

These girls, we just began to hoard. I met with them on the street. He said that my birthday that I have at home a cake, chocolate and anything your heart desires. He said that no one could come to visit. When they came to my house, the girls realized that I cheated them. They thought I was alone, and there we waited for my friends. The men all adults, had by this time pretty to drink vodka. The girls were frightened, but it was too late. One of them grabbed and dragged into the bathroom, the other dragged into the kitchen. Their screams and screams drowned out the loud music. When I grabbed the smallest hand, she would bite my finger. So bite that I have dark eyes. Then she ran out onto the balcony and jumped down. Remained, by the way, safe and sound. Then I learned that the girl involved in gymnastics. A few minutes later the two girls were taken. We were also taken, but not the parents and the police. In truth, I'm glad that it leapt gymnast. I will give less time.

A strange man

16 августа 2011 (19:51:10)

We played with the boys near our house in football. I'm tired, and I replaced the Kolka. Suddenly I was approached by a man in a leather jacket and says, "Mike, hello! What are you, do not you recognize me? I'm an old friend of your dad." We went to our entrance. Along the way, I said that parents are not home yet. Uncle Victor is not very angry, but said: "What a pity, I had just arrived and I will be in your town one day." Then he thought and said, "You know, I'm tired of the road. Come to your home, I'm a little rest, wait for their parents. And you, if you want to play until the street."

I've wanted to see Uncle Vitya to his home, as appeared in the yard my dad. I shouted, "Hurrah!'s And dad's coming!" Instead of rejoice, uncle to the jacket quickly went not to the pope, but in the opposite direction. At first I did not understand. Then I was told that it was a swindler, a thief. He wanted me to cheat, rob our apartment. I still do not understand how he knew my name, who my parents are and where we live. Only my father frowns and says: "Less talking right!"

What errors made ​​the boy?

Masha went away

10 августа 2011 (09:38:03)

When we played enough ball, I invited the girls to relax in the gazebo. This is the most secluded place in the yard. Only Mary did not go with us and continued to play with the ball. From the pavilion, I saw how to Masha was approached by a strange guy. They talked about something, then went to the porch, where the apartment is Masha. For some reason I was afraid for her friend. The guy was walking behind her, and strangely looked around. I knew perfectly well that other people can not run to his home. While we with Masha were at odds, I decided to check to see if Maria got into trouble. On the third floor, where she lived Mary, I heard my friend cried enough. Then he heard a noise, and all was quiet. I knocked on the apartment door and quickly ran into the street. There, I told the janitor uncle Vite. He called for help three other men. Order the offender that mauled Masha at her home, they were able to arrest him. A friend of mine went to the hospital. After that, Mary and her parents moved out of our house. Where is Mary now lives, I do not know.

What error allowed Masha?


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