Истории из жизни

Non-computer games

8 августа 2011 (09:16:49)

My friend Nick and I are very fond of playing computer games. In the cinema, "Spark" has several gaming computers. There, we spend almost all their pocket money. But on the day the money we had. We were standing behind the guys and watching them play. Together with us for a game watched an adult male. Suddenly he said: "Want to play? Here's the money, play!" We were surprised his generosity, but the money they took. After playing on computers, we went out into the street. The guy who gave us the money, sitting in a nice car. He evoked the impression of a respectable young man. It was clear that he was assured, he had his own car, own property and reputation. In our time, not everyone under the force of a lot of money and become rich.

The guy opened the car door and offered to ride with him: "Come to me, will play on the computers as you want."

I wanted to say that I have no time, but Nick pulled me by the hand into the machine. In the car I saw a magazine with naked men and women. The photographs are not confused, this dress! Then I was very scared. I remembered what was said in a television show. It said on the libertine, who adhere to the boys, mutilating them, sometimes even killed.

The guy on the road for something fun to tell. His name was Alex. But I was not listening. I was thinking how to escape. When the car stopped at a traffic light, I would open the door and jump out. But then I remembered the Kolka. I felt sorry for him. It is nothing suspect. Shurik listened open-mouthed. I wanted to go further, but then I thought that we could be taken away to the city to the forest, to the construction site, in some remote place. And then I decided. Sharp opened the door, I jumped on the road. The truck driver jumped from the cab and grabbed me by the scruff of the neck. I thought he would scold me, but the man sat in silence me into his cabin. After all, foreign car, from which I fell, quickly left.

Fortunately, everything went well. Although the Shura was a criminal, he did not touch my friend. Released. He was afraid that I will tell all the police. I did so. This guy is looking for. We Kolka his story helped him find. Then we learned what is at stake. Shura is not only corrupting the boys, but also maimed and even killed some of them. Well, we just got lucky with Kolka.

What are the rules of safe conduct violated the boys?

Three against one

6 августа 2011 (09:07:05)

Alex was sure of himself. He did not fear these three sniveller with long hair. Their threat seemed to him just ridiculous. Of course! After all, behind him ten years of training in judo section, service in the airborne troops. And here is the moment to act. Alex hit the largest and most brazen robber when he took out his pocket knife. The second "hair-worm" crashed after the first kick after biting. The third fell on my knees and pray for forgiveness for mercy: "Forgive me, brother, We just wanted to make a joke!" "Live!" - Spit a former paratrooper. Unable to look at the nasty face of the failed robber, Alex turned around and calmly walked away. His footsteps muffled winds, agitated the trees of the park. Drowned out the wind and the steps bastard, who jumped to his feet and quickly caught up with the guy. A moment - and a sharp knife blade nearly took the life of someone who was so generous.

What strength and what is the weakness of Alexis? What qualities Alexis took Alex?

After the birthday

4 августа 2011 (08:59:39)

Fedya's birthday, we noted nicely. We like candy, cake, lemonade. Which only fruit we did try! With interest we have seen the video where the main character was a birthday. We were about to leave when Nick noticed an unusual bright toy. Fyodor is said, simply said: "Take it!" I have dark eyes: "Wow I did not presented, as this simpleton ..." Do not worry, I'll show him! My pals have long asked about Fedin family about their apartment. Now I will say that they have something to make money at home!

What can cause an invitation to the birthday boy's unfamiliar?

Shooting in horticulture

2 августа 2011 (08:59:33)

I saw from the window of his summer residence, as part of a neighbor went to five guys. They were talking loudly. It was evident that they were drunk. The door was locked cottages. Guys have to kick it with an ax. Suddenly I heard a shot. The boys fled. One of them was left lying on the porch of a neighbor near the house. I realized that the neighbor hit him with a gun. Show and neighbor. In his hand was a gun. Hung on the belt bandolier of bullets. A neighbor rushed over guys. For some time the shots were heard. When I ran down the street after him, ran into the path of three bodies. As I learned later, still alive, only one of the guys. He managed to hide in the bush currant at one site.

Did the right summer visitor to fire when they broke the door and when the boys ran away?


31 июля 2011 (01:41:34)

Yesterday I saw a little boy did not die on our streets. My friends and I were sitting on the roof of the barn. Played in the war. In the neighboring yard was empty. Owners of the house went from village to city. Suddenly we heard shouts and stamping of feet. Kolya ran into the yard. Behind him ran down the street neighbor Petrov. He recently returned to the area. Nine years for murder served. His face was drunk and angry. In his hand was an ax. For that he wanted to hit the Kolka, I do not understand. But what we can to help the guy? In his hands we had toy guns! And then I saw the Kolka grabbed a pitchfork standing by the barn. The boys whispered: "Here he is he now!" Man, he is strong - over us for six years. That's something those pitchforks and Kolka Petrova hit on the head. Not the party, which take the hay and wooden handle. Petrov, the blow fell on the ground, the ax dropped from his hands. He was even taken to the hospital. They say he threatened to hack to death Vitka, once released from the hospital. Yes, only it is unlikely he will succeed. Most likely, he will get back behind bars. And if you do not fall? And if you do not Kolka, and I told him something did not like me.

Violated a law Nicholas, defending himself?

Nemtsov's Death (From a newspaper article)

30 июля 2011 (01:35:04)

Nemtsov, a running hit in the face of Soloviev. "Counterattack" Solovyov prevented Lyudmila. Separate the men, and even sat at the table. Put up a snack and a bottle. We drank, ate, rested, talked about football. But it soon exploded, Boris Nemtsov:

- For what devilry are you pinned? Blow back or ...

Nemtsov, grabbed a kitchen knife and swung ...

Soloviev, cowered away from the strike, was able to clasp hands attacker, turn it around and ... hit his head on the floor. Nemtsov went limp and fell. A Soloviev, raising an ax lying around, hit them lying on the head ...

Whether the actions are lawful Solovyov? Or rather, how justified each of the following: hit the floor and hit with an ax?

Beat (From the testimony of Yuri I.)

29 июля 2011 (01:28:44)

My sister and I went to stop the train. Should have been my classmate to come with their parents. With us was Andrew Gorulev. He was older than me for three years and much more. At the stop we were approached by a guy in a denim suit. He came so close that I could smell alcohol. The guy grabbed my arm and my sister said he was not averse to have fun with it. Lena pulled her hand and we walked away. Then the rude bully swore and said that my sister - a girl a whore, only pretends to be shy. He spoke in harsh, dirty words. I got very angry, but restrained himself and said nothing. But Andrew could not resist and hit the guy in the face. He fell from the platform and hit his neck on the rail. When the boy was taken away by ambulance, he was unconscious.

Did the right to beat Andrew snapper? What could he do to protect the girl from abuse?

Flying over the railing

28 июля 2011 (01:21:53)

After working for change, Chumakov, Peter went to the pub. There have stuck to it, two drunken friends.

- You buy our vodka and beer - they said to Peter. - If you can not take, it will be bad.

Peter fumbled in his pockets, but the stuff is not even enough for a beer.

- I am glad to help, but nothing! - Tried to bring the conversation to the "world" Chumakov. In response, followed by stroke. The guy decided to run away from bullies, but they chased him, drove to the landing of the second floor. One of the pursuers took out his pocket knife.

- Now get over it.

And then Peter dropped over the railing of a first offender, then the other. As a result, both were taken to hospital with serious injuries.

Were there any legitimate action Chumakov? Facing the court? Repeat legal aspects of self-defense.

Worst case (from the letter P. Lara)

27 июля 2011 (01:20:59)

I have no words to tell you about the grief that is felt by all of our class. My girlfriend Natasha in hospital. Doctors are fighting for her life. She was beaten and robbed by some scoundrels. The robbers took off her gold ring, ring, earrings, bracelet, necklace with pendant, her watch. On this day, Natasha put on all the gold ornaments. As the evening went to the birth of our classmates, it was too late. But she did not want to saw off one of her.

What error allowed Natasha?

In the bus crush

26 июля 2011 (01:11:37)

In a crowded bus passenger tries to protect her child from the hustle, which stands next to him among the adults. Roughly pushing aside the crowd, moving through the interior a big guy. It is about a child under the podomnet, as the baby is negligible verzily. This situation I've seen twice. And two people react differently to danger to the child.

The first case. The man said loudly: "Where are you lomishsya? Blind or something?"

The second case. A parent asked the guy: "Man, be careful! Do not run over a little child!"

How did the passenger in the first case, which could lead to his words? Which of the two passengers to better secure your child?


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