Истории из жизни

The case in the entrance (from a newspaper article)

25 июля 2011 (01:06:42)

Knock at the door. A loud agitated voice begged for help: "He is bleeding! Urgent Help!" Ludmila rushed into the hall, put on the shoulders of his jacket and ran out onto the landing. There was no time to think. After all, people are in trouble! He was bad! Faster on the eighth floor, there lived a doctor. But what is it? Those who wanted to help Ludmila suddenly grabbed her arm, pulled over. The other guy pulled out a knife, exhaled sharply, plunging the metal into a woman's body supple...

What is forgotten Lyudmila, leaving the apartment? What are its qualities benefited criminals?

Armlock (From the diary of Misha I.)

24 июля 2011 (00:59:45)

September 25. Almost a month I have been a struggle. In training we are taught to do cutting. When the coach left, one boy showed us an armlock. I learned how to wring his hand behind his back. Wow! Now I can show someone what's what!

September 27. On the change in school, I suddenly had an armlock on the Kolka. This upstart thinks he's smart and strong. He howled in pain! But now everyone knows that I'm stronger. Understand now what it means to Sambo.

September 30. Me in the yard come some unknown boys. One of them brazenly said that I freed the bench. I continued to sit. Then they grabbed me by the hand and thrown on a heap of sand. One of them said: "Do not let him grab his hands. He knows the locks. My brother said this." I wanted to capture, but I did not work. But I'll show them all!

What can you advise Misha? As he should change his behavior?

Stolen ... (From the diary of Koli T.)

23 июля 2011 (00:54:06)

July 30. Yesterday he returned from Japan Victor's father. He came out today in the yard with a new Japanese stereomagnitofonom. Great stuff! Vitka was surrounded by guys from our neighborhood. Now all know that Victor's got a new VCR, a computer that his father brought a whole bunch of things.

August 2. Victor invited me to go fishing. At his father's brand-new car. The boys surrounded the car and watched as we piled fishing rods, tents, gear, bags of groceries. This trip I will remember for a long time. I still have never fished from the mountain rivers.

August 5. We are back home. Victor's apartment sealed off by police. While we went into the mountains, the thieves climbed to their home. There is now a friend of mine the wonderful Japanese things. A pity! To play on the computer, watch a cartoon!

That's buying! (From a criminal news)

22 июля 2011 (00:50:42)

At night, two of them, he and she are suitable for commercial kiosk. Willing to take the liquor, and a handful of "Snickers" for zakuson. The lady wants pokurazhitsya from her purse and takes out a thick wad of large bills, intercepted a rubber band. At 20 meters from the "lump" buyers breach the head tube, and the gentleman "break" through the curbs.

What are the rules of safe conduct violated the buyers?

Rogues (From a letter published in the newspaper)

21 июля 2011 (00:36:18)

I want to tell a story that happened to my friends. With a decent amount, he went to buy gifts. The store he was approached by a young man, apparently a newcomer (hereinafter referred to him and I'll call it), asked how to get to the "Leipzig". My friend offered to go there together. Send a little, suddenly "stranger" brings up an impressive package. Turned back a little, said, "five thousand!" They passed a hundred yards, and then they caught up with excited man. "Newcomer" to quickly put the parcel to my friend and whispered, "put it away, can see how I put up." And overtaken says: "Guys, I lost money, a very large amount of bills and the five thousandth 3000 dollars. Woman saw that you have raised," - he pointed to the "visitor" and asked him to go with him to the woman to understand. Here, "the victim" asked to see what his money. A friend I opened the wallet. "Newcomer", taking the money, said: "Well, I'm with him I will go to the woman and sort things out. Let look - we have other bills. And you wait for me." "Guys, can you roll in a bag" - zaklyanchil "victim", pointing to a shopping bag with my friend. He took the bag from his shoulder. "Look." "Newcomer" and grabbed her. My friend whispered pleadingly: "Just you wait for me, please!" And they left with a bag, shopping and a 75 thousand. My friend opened the bundle of newspapers, and the top five rubles.

As the poor fellow crooks lit? What are the qualities of its advantage?

No one helped! (From the diary of Yuri S.)

20 июля 2011 (00:26:09)

September 5. Today beaten bear. I was friends with him before. He is a wimp. Why should I stand up for him? I am strong. For itself can not stand.

September 6. I called Kohl namby-pamby. He was not involved in sports. I have it harder.

September 7. Uncle Victor said that I was the strongest of the boys in the yard. Of course! He saw, as I figured out with Kostya. Kostya two years older than me. Kostya was offended that I called his sister a fool. And it is in the three studies. Reads somehow.

September 8. Dad bought me a new denim suit, a leather jacket. I walk around the new. In the courtyard of the guys envy me. Uncle Victor said that these shoes as me, no one has.

September 9. Borya for some reason did not go with me after school. I watched a cartoon. I called Nikita called to play on the computer, but it did not come.

September 10. In the courtyard of bothering me unknown boys. Confiscated the tape. If only one of his friends came and helped me to fight with them! All fled. Well, I'll show them all!

Why is no one helped Yuri? What is his weakness and that it may be advisable?

Threats do not help

19 июля 2011 (23:39:15)

I lost a friend. It's so hard. Only now I realized what had happened to my classmate Misha.

At one entrance to Miha lived a lonely man. We called him Uncle Sasha. Always polite, fashionable dressed, he enjoyed the respect of tenants. When we went to the first class, we saw Uncle Sasha in school. He worked as a carpenter at the school: repairing furniture, glass windows. One day, Misha and I went home from school. We caught up with Uncle Sasha. He gave us chocolates. In fact, he said such incidents from his life, that we were dying with laughter.

A few days later I noticed that Uncle Sasha is increasingly coming from school, along with Misha. It did not surprise me, because of their apartment in a stairwell. But I was sad that Micah is increasingly talked to the carpenter. I did not like it. I wanted to be friends with Misha. Once we both always come back from school. We got to the entrance, where they lived, and Michael Carpenter. Uncle Sasha invited us to his home: "Come to me. Lives next door, and have never been to me. At home I have a lot of interesting things." I was curious as to what might be in his apartment. The fact that there may be something sweet and tasty, I'm not sure. But what else? Misha looked at me, "Are you going?" Then I remembered that parents often reminded me that for someone to go home without their permission can not be. I do not understand why. But what I remembered and said: "I urgently need to go home. Must come to a wizard that will repair my computer." Pro Wizard Of course, I thought. Well, I could not say that I visit my parents forbid to go. Uncle Alex's answer: "And I have known good computer. Play as you like." But I still went home. And Michael went to visit a carpenter. The next day, Michael did not come to school. I was also taken away directly from the lesson in the school's office, where a man and a woman asked me questions. They asked about my Uncle Sasha, Misha about, that yesterday we talked with them. I asked, where is Michael, why did not he at school. I was told that Mike fell ill and will not be long to learn. Then I learned that Carpenter abused boys. Lured them to his home, watered juice, lemonade and with sleeping pills. All the boys are usually silent, no nothing said. Yes, this is understandable. One boy he lured with sweets, Vidic, a computer. He walked up to him and suffered all the indignities and humiliation. Another boy, he had threatened reprisals against his younger brother: "Your brother will fall under the wheels of the machine, if you are going to talk!" Micah neighbor, or buy, or could not intimidate. When he came home, all told their parents. Soon the family of my friend left the Bears in our city. A former neighbor Misha was sentenced to imprisonment. His threats, he was unable to perform.

What are the lessons to be learned from this case?

Sambo (From Anton's letter to his friend )

18 июля 2011 (00:01:34)

For five months I have been doing in the section Sambo. I want to be strong, smart and bold. Coach teaches us not to fall and break. If someone tries to grab me, I'll be able to escape. We also learn to defend themselves against attacks. Over time, punches and kicks are not afraid of me. I am learning to use force against the enemy himself. After all, I'm only eight years old. I now have new friends. We train with one coach. My new friends, a strong and supportive. When we came back from training, we have got drunk hooligans. One of the guys said only one word: "Gone!" And those are gone. In court and in school, I'm not saying do struggle. I advise you to do sambo. This is an interesting and rewarding sport.

Repeat primary means of self-defense.

Gangster anecdote

17 июля 2011 (23:58:59)

In a dark alley big man anxiously asked a passerby:

- Have you seen the police?

- No, - looking back passer.

- Then, please, give your wallet.

As a passer-by could not answer in order to avoid trouble?

Anecdote about a wolf and a hare

16 июля 2011 (23:54:17)

Wolf recorded the animals to be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner. All animals were crying bitterly, and went to prepare for the worst. Only arrogant hare, brazenly spat through his teeth, said: "Fuck you ..." The reaction of the wolf: "Got it, cross out".

Why did the wolf did not eat a rabbit? What can be learned from this?


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