Истории из жизни


15 июля 2011 (20:02:28)

I knew that Bear always hated Nikita. For what he is learning well. For what is often driven by Nikita. Maybe even for that. Today, Bear beat Nikita. And how! And the school called the parents of Nikita. How did it happen? No one knows. Once I realized that was close.

Bear said that our classmate, Nina draws attention to Nikita. Smiles at him, laughs when he joked. A teddy bear has long tried to attract the attention of Nina. And all in vain. On the change of Bear walked right up to Nikita and told him so quietly! Words do not even gross. Ugly, dirty! Nikita turned pale, swung his hand and slapped across the face Mishka. Everyone froze and looked with amazement at the guys. After that, well ironed Bear Nikita their fists! I do not envy him. And who knew that? Nobody noticed that the Bear said Nikita's ear.

What a mistake made ​​Nikita?

Police whistle (an excerpt from the novel)

14 июля 2011 (19:56:13)

Year of the mushrooms was lucky. By polkorzinki instantly scored. Suddenly out of nowhere mordovorot long before us arose. He was dressed more or less, in all new, with a hat. And with a smile priblatnennoy, like in French: "Bon Jour, Indian!" I immediately realized that it was freed convict. Scared, but calmly say, "Fuck off, my friend, until they lifted the place whence I came." He bowed, he says, a student came to my mother for the holidays, these beautiful girls ever seen. Then I plucked from a pocket of jeans that's ... - Ognyannikova deftly pulled out of the bag resting on her lap a police whistle. - And with all his might as zasvischu! .. "Student" instantly gone.

The case on the bridge (From the memoirs of his grandfather Ivan)

13 июля 2011 (19:51:27)

I was returning home late at night. During the day the plant was given a salary. I was in my pocket a bundle of money. On the bridge, I was stopped by robbers. The blades of knives gleaming in their hands. "Money! Fast!" - One of them gasped. At a time when the robber uttered these words, I grabbed the hair clipper. Its nickel flashed in the moonlight, I clicked the machine to the robbers thought that the hammer is cocked the pistol. After shouting "All reptiles shoot!" three shadows darted over the railing of the bridge.

What qualities displayed grandfather Ivan in a dangerous situation?


12 июля 2011 (19:03:12)

The case of one of our park I remember. I was in a booth, where he worked my big brother. He slept after a night shift. I worked for him. If consumers approached, selling chocolate, cigarettes, every little thing. Four guys sat on a bench nearby. They began to play guitar and sing songs. One of them went to the kiosk, a few bottles of wine, I sold him. So they sat and drank wine, smoked, sang songs. Soon, passers-by were hurt. Girl in short skirt was told that she bow-legged. Granny said that she should sit on the stove, rather than walk in the park. Some passers-by but not touch. On the contrary, accompanied respectful glances. For example, when three men passed by athletic. But then I noticed a strange man. He walked slightly bent forward. The head is drawn into the shoulders. Some hopping gait. And he was dressed in a strange way. A young man, but clothes are not that old-fashioned, not the old man's. In short, this is better not to wear if you're young.

When the friends-drinkers saw this guy, one of them even whistled, "In! That's it!" Members shuddered at these words, and even more hunched his shoulders. Then one of the companions said, "Hey, you scarecrow in the garden! Come here!" The guy in strange clothes approached the bench and paused in the obsequious smile, and muttered something.

When the guy beat, selected clock to wake up my brother did not. Of course, he could stand up. But is it worth for such a stand up? For sniveller coward blurred? He is hick.

Ask your child whether he agrees with the last words of the author, and why bullies chose this guy as a victim? Does the appearance of the safety of a person? What lessons should be learned?

The case of Yuri Nikulin

11 июля 2011 (18:58:51)

Late one night, returning home from the Nikulin Circus. In the dark streets of the city was not a soul. Suddenly, he was detained by armed robbers. At gunpoint, they demanded money from him. Nikulin was not taken aback. He laughed and intimidated the robbers: "What do you mean, you guys! I just got out of that corner was robbed! Catch up those guys, they have all my money!" Unlucky robbers had to settle for communion with the great artist. But in the darkness, they did not see Nikulin, and released without asking for an autograph.

Repeat psychological techniques of self-defense.

Lady with the dog

10 июля 2011 (18:52:23)

I have a friend Igor. We went with him recently on a vacant lot. There we have a secret place. We burned a bonfire there. They came up the other guys. They told all sorts of horror stories. Then we came home. It has become dark. But we all saw. We were almost home. Suddenly I saw a dog running to us. Big dog running straight at me. Some kind of a little old lady shouted: "Dendi, to me!" But Dandy raced straight to us. I froze, and Igor rushed to escape. The dog caught him, knocked to the ground. Some laugh when they learn that the dog tore his pants Igorku bitten and lower back. And when I was not laughing. After all, the dog could tear Igorka to death. The old woman stood by and shouted at the dog. But she had to pull the dog.

Igor's parents somehow found a granny. Found that the dog has been vaccinated against rabies. Igor that was very happy. Otherwise he would have to be vaccinated.

Canine brutality (from a newspaper article)

9 июля 2011 (18:44:34)

In the city, the cases when the dogs attack the people. Increasingly, the victims of the ferocious dogs are children.

In the yard of a private home playing kids. The dog is always favorably inclined to the guests of his young master. At this time, one of the children did not pay attention to the fact that in the bowl of the dog was eating. He normally went to the ball, someone noticed oboronennuyu toy. He held out a hand to her. At the same instant his hand was a child in the jaws of the dog. The owner then said that the dog defended his bowl of food.

In another court there was a tragic accident. The girl as usual came to visit a friend. She wanted to stroke a newly born puppies. The dog is always affectionate and funny, suddenly attacked and severely bitten baby it.

Repeat rules for the protection of the dog.


8 июля 2011 (18:36:36)

Eddie came out of the house. The school had five minutes' walk away. It could take some time. He was called to the man sitting in the car. Eddie went to the open door light vehicles. At the same moment he was seized by masked men, seated in the car and drove away. After some time in the apartment Edik the phone rang. The kidnappers demanded the release of the child for fifty thousand dollars. Threatened with death if within two days will not receive the required amount. Relatives and friends are helping to collect money. At this time the following happened. The boy learned one of the kidnappers. It was a friend of his father. Eddie threatened to tell about who stole it. It's just not decided his fate. Extortionists decided to kill the boy. They did not need a witness. They wanted only money. Miraculously, Eddie was still alive. He was saved by the fact that suddenly burst into an apartment armed police officers. But they might be late.

What kind of misconduct boy could lead to tragedy? Repeat the basis of safe behavior of the child if he was a hostage.


7 июля 2011 (18:25:28)

We are going to grandfather in the shop. He had long promised to buy a camera. And finally, we're going to buy. I quickly gathered. A grandfather, a fool! He began to lay out money in the wallets. One counted so much, that was enough for the camera. In another put little money. He explained to me that the money for travel and small purchases. Great Grandpa put the wallet in the inside pocket of his jacket. I asked my grandfather why he buttoned up his pocket with a purse. He said: "Away put - closer to take!" I do not understand, but it was not before. I imagined how the camera will go out into the yard. I put my money in the pocket of his jeans, and we went. As we boarded the bus in the front seat. Soon, the bus has gone so many people that we were afraid to ride my stop. They began to make their way to the exit. I was pushed, and I tried to get to the door ...

About the shop selling ice cream. I reached into his back pocket. Money was not there. Checked in other pockets. I found a pack of gum. Money was not there. Grandpa said, as I rummage in his pockets. Silently took a purse and bought me ice cream. He understood. It was clear that the money was stolen when we were leaving the bus.

In the store we bought the camera, film, photographic paper. I put everything in the bag. On top put the camera. I wanted everybody to see what valuable thing we have bought. Grandfather silently took her bag. Put the camera on the bottom. On top of everything else has posted. I did not argue. Understood why he did so.

And the thought of your child? Repeat rules to protect against theft.

We did not get to the circus

6 июля 2011 (22:43:10)

We were in a hurry. My older brother bought tickets to the circus. Barely had time for me. Prior to the submission had very little time. In order not to be late, we decided to go the shortest route - through the park. When they came to the very corner of Park deaf, I cringed. Were heard drunken voices, some swearing. I grabbed my brother's hand. Whispered to him: "Come back!" But he kept going. I saw that he was also afraid, but my pride would not allow him to turn back...

In short, we were beaten in a park drunk guys. We have taken away all that is possible: jackets, bags, watches and money. The robbers threatened me and my brother, "If you tell anyone, profit!" In the circus, we did not. Moreover, the tickets were in the bag, which we have selected. Had to go to the hospital...


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