Истории из жизни


5 июля 2011 (22:42:38)

On such a large and beautiful convertible, I dreamed long ago. He was in a shop window. When I considered it a bit, noticed that a number of mothers do not. She did not notice that I stopped, and went on. I ran behind her, but soon realized that he went the wrong way. I had to go back. Then I realized that I lost. I was hurt, I was scared that I could not find my mother. I cried. I was approached by a mister. He took my hand and said take me to my parents. I pulled out and said that he will go home. Around the big house I saw a janitor. I approached him and told him that I was lost. The porter took me to the police. He asked me where I live. I replied that I live in a big brick house on the third floor. Then he asked my name, the name of father and mother. I replied that my father called Bones, Mama - Natalia Ivanovna. She works at the Pedagogical Institute. I drove to work for mom. They found Aunt Light, who works with her mother. So I found. Then I had to remember his name, our home address, phone number and more. Now I do not get lost. If you get lost, you quickly get to the house. I am now large - learning in first grade!

Repeat rules of conduct to avoid the loss of parents.

Uninvited guests

4 июля 2011 (21:58:46)

After high school, Artem called me to his home. He lived in the house next door, but I was never at his home. I raised his backpack home, asked his parents for permission to go to visit. My mother knew the parents of Artem and did not mind. I took video with my favorite cartoons, and we went. When Artyom took a key from the door, I said: "The door is open, then!" Artem whistled in amazement. The front door was slightly ajar really. I was surprised that Artem's apartment did not enter. Put his finger to his lips: "Shut up!" He listened. I did the same thing. Could be heard in the apartment Artem water dripping from a faucet. I could not resist: "So what?" But Artyom my apartment is not invited. He quickly pressed the bell for all the neighbors on the floor. Doors open two men and one woman. Artem for no apparent reason told them that his house is something wrong with the gas stove. I thought then, if anything had happened to his head. Why did he invent? Gas did not smell.

They went into the apartment. Artem asked me: "Let's all check if there is anyone?" As long as the neighbors watched a gas stove, we went around the whole apartment. My friend said that the apartment could have anyone to hide. But we did not find anyone. Gas stove, too, was in order. Artem thanked the neighbors and began to call on parents to work. We did not play. My friend apologized and sent me home.

The next day I learned that the apartment opened up Artyom thieves just before our arrival. Noticing our approach, they are gone. Only then I understood why my friend had behaved so strangely.

Expensive mistake

3 июля 2011 (18:49:56)

Alex watched as one of the houses in the private sector has entered a girl of ten years with a portfolio. A knock on the door - where they live Petrov? Do not you know? Maybe your parents know? Oh, no one is home? He took out a knife and ordered the girl to keep quiet. From the fear of the child could not utter a word. Sixteen robber made ​​Vera's bedroom and swung a knife. He came out of the house with heavy bags.

What are the lessons to be learned from this case?

Queer Svetka

2 июля 2011 (18:32:02)

Once I was visiting her classmate, Svetlana. Her parents went away on its commercial business, and we were left alone in the apartment. Many things surprised me in them. And Svetlana also behaved strangely.

First of all, they live on the fourth floor and balconies on the metal lattice. At the entrance door at the bottom of steel with a combination lock. Not only them, guarding the entrance to the apartment of two steel doors! And she asks! Calling someone on the phone. She takes the phone: "I ​​hear you! Sorry, Dad is busy. Where are you calling?" As it is said, because her father was not at home. And then there was an unexpected call from the front door. Play does not give a! Light came to the door, looked through the peephole and silently walked away. I said to her: "They came after all!" She whispers to me: "Shut up, this is wrong!" I told her was: "Well, what can be that urgent." But she asks not only the door is not opened, but I took away from her, asked for silence.

What is the reaction of the child in this story? What are the safety rules of the Light knew and did not know the girl is the author? Repeat rules to protect homes from burglars.

"Detectives" with a noose around their necks

1 июля 2011 (18:07:39)

And bought plenty of shaking from the cold, the children stood on the roadside, waiting for the bus. On the horizon the red "Moskvich".

- Vote on? - Oleg sniffed.

- Keep the pocket wider! - Said Eugene wise.

The car, to their surprise, he stopped by itself.

- To you guys? - Asked Evdokimov.

- Yes, there is a number.

- Next - hence, fifteen miles, - laughed Gulin. - Okay so, sit down.

After a few minutes away happy boys gladly accepted the proposal: to follow one person.

- According to our records, the killer hid on the bank Snegirevka. Hut he built there. We have now explored, and at night we take ...

Gripping detective ended abruptly for the children: on the wooded bank of the stranglehold thrown at them. That squeezing, then releasing the throat, struck dumb criminals were told the children that after dark they will be taken to the country. Henceforth and forever. "The slightest squeak - and Gulin, showed a knife, - the head from his shoulders."

After discussing with the child, which violated safety rules boys, repeat rules that reduce the risk of abduction.

Playing cards (from the testimony of Alexis B.)

30 июня 2011 (19:29:18)

I walked out of the trolley. At the bus stop were two boys of ten years. Smoking expensive cigarettes. They were sturdy jacket. Realized that you can profit. Suggested that the boys up in the attic near the house and play cards. When went upstairs, I asked to give money and jacket. One boy, a little less, immediately took off his jacket, gave the money and left. The second was not frightened, and said that all parents will tell. I hit him with a piece of rebar in the temple. He hit a few more times. He saw the blood - ran down.

As in previous stories, ask your child about what, in his opinion, the errors committed boys and how they managed to lure the perpetrator.

The blow on the temple (from the testimony of Alexis B.)

29 июня 2011 (19:13:07)

I saw a boy of twelve years in a sports jacket and jeans. He came up to him. He said that he looks like the description on the kid who took money from my friend. Offered to arrange a face to face.

We climbed to the top floor. I started a boy in the attic and demanded money. He gave me three thousand. I took his jacket. Hours, he gave himself. At this point, the elevator stopped on the floor. The boy ran to the door. I grabbed it. But he pulled out. Then I squeezed his throat. I wanted to hold until the people pass. When he fell to the floor, I was frightened, grabbed a rock and hit a few times in the head.

The first story with a bad ending. Ask your child about what the rules of conduct of the boy has forgotten history, and how the offender failed to lure him to the attic.

Strangle dog!

28 июня 2011 (19:00:30)

We were in the yard of our house. The girls played in the classes. Kids sculpted cakes out of the sand. We were approached adult uncle. In his hands was a puppy. Little of this, pretty. We began to play with the puppy. He cheerfully waving tail and barking, chasing us. Suddenly the uncle grabbed the puppy and went to the entrance to the basement. We heard his words: "strangle dog!" We ran after him. I even offered a dog money. When we all came down to the basement, the man slammed the door. He threw the puppy onto the floor. Nina grabbed by the arms. We shouted, "Quickly take your coat off!" I was numb with horror. Suddenly the door opened, and went into the basement Uncle Kolya. One of its kind enough to speak pitifully rude and friendly, "I told them that the basement can not be. Come out of here!" But the trick failed. Uncle Kolya held firmly in the hands of a shovel. Verzily he took to the police. They said we were with the girls lightly.

Does your child understand why the girl got off easy? What are the rules not complied with the girls, going down to the basement? Repeat with the child moral side of the issue of self-defense.

Away from home

27 июня 2011 (18:10:37)

My mother sent me to the store for milk and bread. I took the bag of money and went. When I bought milk and bread, then decided to buy something else. Much money is left. I decided to go to another store. He was far from our house. But I was quite big - learn in second grade. I quickly came to the store. At the entrance to the store were big boys. One of them approached me and said I should give him the money. I did not want to give, but he grabbed my arm and said, "Do not you know who we are?" I was scared, but suddenly noticed Uncle Kolya from a neighboring apartment. I wanted to shout to him: "Uncle Nick!" Instead of crying I got some sizzle. So I'm afraid. But Uncle Kolya, he saw me, came up. The boys immediately ran away. A neighbor brought me to the house. Mom and dad telling me about what had happened did not.

Speak to your child about what lessons he drew from this story, which broke the rules of the hero of the story.

Incident at bus stop

26 июня 2011 (18:02:54)

Not far from our house train stop. I love to meet the train, especially if someone has to come here. Once the train came a tall man. He approached me and asked: "Girl, you do not know how to get on the board of gardening?" I know where the board. We once went with my dad there for a meeting of fruit growers. I began to explain how to pass. Uncle was blunt. Could not figure out that after the second turn he comes out Cherry on which comes to the board. Then the uncle said, "What can I say? Come on, show me where the board." I wanted to go, but I remembered that shortly I must drive dad. "Now comes my father, he himself will show you the way" - I replied. After that, uncle quickly went away. Did not wait for my dad. Then I learned that this man is lured to her young children to the country and commit crimes. Some girls then seriously ill. And I was lucky that I missed my father did not go with this criminal. Now, I never speak without their parents with strangers. Even when they are very polite and asked for something to help.


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