Queer Svetka

2 июля 2011 (18:32:02)

Once I was visiting her classmate, Svetlana. Her parents went away on its commercial business, and we were left alone in the apartment. Many things surprised me in them. And Svetlana also behaved strangely.

First of all, they live on the fourth floor and balconies on the metal lattice. At the entrance door at the bottom of steel with a combination lock. Not only them, guarding the entrance to the apartment of two steel doors! And she asks! Calling someone on the phone. She takes the phone: "I ​​hear you! Sorry, Dad is busy. Where are you calling?" As it is said, because her father was not at home. And then there was an unexpected call from the front door. Play does not give a! Light came to the door, looked through the peephole and silently walked away. I said to her: "They came after all!" She whispers to me: "Shut up, this is wrong!" I told her was: "Well, what can be that urgent." But she asks not only the door is not opened, but I took away from her, asked for silence.

What is the reaction of the child in this story? What are the safety rules of the Light knew and did not know the girl is the author? Repeat rules to protect homes from burglars.