Away from home

27 июня 2011 (18:10:37)

My mother sent me to the store for milk and bread. I took the bag of money and went. When I bought milk and bread, then decided to buy something else. Much money is left. I decided to go to another store. He was far from our house. But I was quite big - learn in second grade. I quickly came to the store. At the entrance to the store were big boys. One of them approached me and said I should give him the money. I did not want to give, but he grabbed my arm and said, "Do not you know who we are?" I was scared, but suddenly noticed Uncle Kolya from a neighboring apartment. I wanted to shout to him: "Uncle Nick!" Instead of crying I got some sizzle. So I'm afraid. But Uncle Kolya, he saw me, came up. The boys immediately ran away. A neighbor brought me to the house. Mom and dad telling me about what had happened did not.

Speak to your child about what lessons he drew from this story, which broke the rules of the hero of the story.