Lady with the dog

10 июля 2011 (18:52:23)

I have a friend Igor. We went with him recently on a vacant lot. There we have a secret place. We burned a bonfire there. They came up the other guys. They told all sorts of horror stories. Then we came home. It has become dark. But we all saw. We were almost home. Suddenly I saw a dog running to us. Big dog running straight at me. Some kind of a little old lady shouted: "Dendi, to me!" But Dandy raced straight to us. I froze, and Igor rushed to escape. The dog caught him, knocked to the ground. Some laugh when they learn that the dog tore his pants Igorku bitten and lower back. And when I was not laughing. After all, the dog could tear Igorka to death. The old woman stood by and shouted at the dog. But she had to pull the dog.

Igor's parents somehow found a granny. Found that the dog has been vaccinated against rabies. Igor that was very happy. Otherwise he would have to be vaccinated.