Money? Certainly!

5 ноября 2011 (20:10:59)

Alleged situation. The offender presents to the intended victim of any claim, demand. The job. Those who are robbing, must pose as obliging a person who is ready to meet the requirements, thus blunt the attention and care of the enemy, then quickly and unexpectedly to take steps to protect themselves (to hit, run and throw, etc.).

Organization of the game. Participants are divided into pairs. One of the partners in the pair represents the robber (rapist, the bully), makes demands, threatens, etc. The second party shall represent the victim of a crime. After pretreatment couple guys showing their actions, dialogue, for example:

- Take off your jacket!

- Please!

Begins quietly removed his jacket and suddenly throws it on the head robber, kicks to the groin.

In summing up the game assesses the effectiveness of "lulling" activities and the timeliness of the transition to active self-defense.

Украина независима уже несколько десятков лет. Кому интересно - почитайте о том, как эта незележність установилась, эта история весьма интересна.