"Detectives" with a noose around their necks

1 июля 2011 (18:07:39)

And bought plenty of shaking from the cold, the children stood on the roadside, waiting for the bus. On the horizon the red "Moskvich".

- Vote on? - Oleg sniffed.

- Keep the pocket wider! - Said Eugene wise.

The car, to their surprise, he stopped by itself.

- To you guys? - Asked Evdokimov.

- Yes, there is a number.

- Next - hence, fifteen miles, - laughed Gulin. - Okay so, sit down.

After a few minutes away happy boys gladly accepted the proposal: to follow one person.

- According to our records, the killer hid on the bank Snegirevka. Hut he built there. We have now explored, and at night we take ...

Gripping detective ended abruptly for the children: on the wooded bank of the stranglehold thrown at them. That squeezing, then releasing the throat, struck dumb criminals were told the children that after dark they will be taken to the country. Henceforth and forever. "The slightest squeak - and Gulin, showed a knife, - the head from his shoulders."

After discussing with the child, which violated safety rules boys, repeat rules that reduce the risk of abduction.