Diagnosing of readiness for survival

6 июня 2011 (01:15:53)

For the diagnosis and the development of preparedness for survival should be borne in mind the following steps of preparation to ensure the personal safety:

1) The student knows the dangerous object, but does not know how to behave at the moment of danger;

2) The student knows the theory of self-defense techniques, but does not own them in practice;

3) The student uses the techniques of survival with the support of a more experienced person in the learning situation;

4) The student is able unaided to apply the methods of self-defense, but only in the familiar, familiar surroundings;

5) the student is ready to survive without outside help in a stressful, difficult situation.

It is advisable to start with an analysis of specific situations, and then move on to the rules and methods of self-defense. Each student is individual approach should be based on personal characteristics, skills, and time and place.