Ethical side of the issue

19 июня 2011 (18:34:29)

It must be remembered that the offender in the victim sees a way to capitalize on, and nothing more. All the worst qualities that are only in humans, manifested in such elements of society. Because they feel sorry for yourself, too, is not worth it, they so deserve. Do not be in front of them some good personality traits such as compassion, kindness, and flexibility. They will not fail to take advantage of your honesty in their nefarious purposes. If you feel sorry bastard, you can not defend themselves. Beat on the most sore spot everything at your hands. The only room you have to think at this point, it is for others, so they do not get it. These personality traits, as cowardice, greed, talkativeness, cruelty, selfishness, greed, intemperance, optionality, arrogance, and the like can only do harm to these qualities in himself kept to a minimum. But such qualities as industriousness, humility, teamwork, courage and modesty, on the contrary, it is necessary to develop - they are very useful in my life in many different situations.