7 июля 2011 (18:25:28)

We are going to grandfather in the shop. He had long promised to buy a camera. And finally, we're going to buy. I quickly gathered. A grandfather, a fool! He began to lay out money in the wallets. One counted so much, that was enough for the camera. In another put little money. He explained to me that the money for travel and small purchases. Great Grandpa put the wallet in the inside pocket of his jacket. I asked my grandfather why he buttoned up his pocket with a purse. He said: "Away put - closer to take!" I do not understand, but it was not before. I imagined how the camera will go out into the yard. I put my money in the pocket of his jeans, and we went. As we boarded the bus in the front seat. Soon, the bus has gone so many people that we were afraid to ride my stop. They began to make their way to the exit. I was pushed, and I tried to get to the door ...

About the shop selling ice cream. I reached into his back pocket. Money was not there. Checked in other pockets. I found a pack of gum. Money was not there. Grandpa said, as I rummage in his pockets. Silently took a purse and bought me ice cream. He understood. It was clear that the money was stolen when we were leaving the bus.

In the store we bought the camera, film, photographic paper. I put everything in the bag. On top put the camera. I wanted everybody to see what valuable thing we have bought. Grandfather silently took her bag. Put the camera on the bottom. On top of everything else has posted. I did not argue. Understood why he did so.

And the thought of your child? Repeat rules to protect against theft.