22 августа 2011 (01:59:41)

We first settled in the new multi-storey building. As fans wandered the entrances to profit at the expense of others: got into the apartment, rented, twisted and broke out all that you can carry and sell. The first night we gathered furniture, dismantled the most necessary things. Suddenly, I heard our front door trying to crack. I looked through the peephole. On the platform were about five. One of them struck his foot against the door. I yelled: "Guys, you got the wrong address!" Continued pounding on the door. I knew that there were instances when entire families were killed in their own homes. I had to get it and charge dvuhstvolku. Then my wife could not stand it and shouted: "Nick, do not shoot, wait, they will!" Blows on the door stopped immediately. After some time stamping of feet was removed down. We were saved.