How not to get lost

3 октября 2011 (06:58:54)

Any parent should teach their child behavior in extreme situations. After all, prevention is better, the more this situation is not so extreme. So, what to do to avoid getting lost and what to do if you still lost a child or adolescent:

1) First, make sure your child knows their full name and patronymic, as well as your;

2) Make sure also that your child knows your home address and telephone number is especially important in case of change of residence; советуем заказать переезд заранее;

3) Teach the child the following rules:

a) If you get lost, you can refer to women walking with their children, to the janitor, the seller (if the store), best of all - to the police;

b) not very far from the place where lost, so parents can quickly find you;

c) always warned parents about the place of destination, if you go for a walk;

d) learn to use street phones.

Here are some simple rules, but their knowledge to avoid many troubles.