The behavior of the child if he became a hostage

15 июня 2011 (20:42:03)

We very much hope that your life will never come this situation, but just in case your child should know how to behave when he was kidnapped and he became a hostage.

1) Try to convince criminals that what they need, your parents just do not have;

2) without the need for and possibility of a wholly escape in any case not take risks, try to peacefully resolve the conflict;

3) if there was an opportunity to escape, act promptly, clearly and firmly;

4) watch for criminals, try to remember every little thing, but if you recognize any of them, pretend that no one knew;

5) for the release of police departments do not run to meet the rescuers, hide in a corner, away from windows and doors, lay down.

Speak with your child again that you need and what not to do if you become a hostage.