20 августа 2011 (20:29:25)

Times were hard. It was in 1937. We lived in a small town of Altai. Criminals have committed atrocities. Were frequent occasions when criminals broke into the houses, looted, killed their families. We lived in a one-story house. Mom put the trays at night on the windowsills. They had to ring out when someone climbs out the window. One night, a loud knock at the door. Then they began to break out. Strong attacks followed one another. His grandfather, Ivan went to the door. In his hand was a gun. Shouted: "Stop, I'll shoot!" The door continued to break with renewed vigor. There was a deafening shot. The shot broke through the door through. I saw in the window, as some people run away from our house. They did not come.

Is it possible to recognize the actions of his grandfather Ivan legitimate in this situation?