12 июля 2011 (19:03:12)

The case of one of our park I remember. I was in a booth, where he worked my big brother. He slept after a night shift. I worked for him. If consumers approached, selling chocolate, cigarettes, every little thing. Four guys sat on a bench nearby. They began to play guitar and sing songs. One of them went to the kiosk, a few bottles of wine, I sold him. So they sat and drank wine, smoked, sang songs. Soon, passers-by were hurt. Girl in short skirt was told that she bow-legged. Granny said that she should sit on the stove, rather than walk in the park. Some passers-by but not touch. On the contrary, accompanied respectful glances. For example, when three men passed by athletic. But then I noticed a strange man. He walked slightly bent forward. The head is drawn into the shoulders. Some hopping gait. And he was dressed in a strange way. A young man, but clothes are not that old-fashioned, not the old man's. In short, this is better not to wear if you're young.

When the friends-drinkers saw this guy, one of them even whistled, "In! That's it!" Members shuddered at these words, and even more hunched his shoulders. Then one of the companions said, "Hey, you scarecrow in the garden! Come here!" The guy in strange clothes approached the bench and paused in the obsequious smile, and muttered something.

When the guy beat, selected clock to wake up my brother did not. Of course, he could stand up. But is it worth for such a stand up? For sniveller coward blurred? He is hick.

Ask your child whether he agrees with the last words of the author, and why bullies chose this guy as a victim? Does the appearance of the safety of a person? What lessons should be learned?