Mothers and fothers

19 июня 2012 (16:34:57)

Unfortunately, the reduction in the intensity and content of communication with children of fathers said in recent years some educators and psychologists. Documented the process and sociologists. For example, according to a study RD Azimova sons share their joys and sorrows with their mothers in two and a half times more likely than fathers. According to the results of a sociological study conducted in St. Petersburg in the production association "Svetlana", fathers spend in everyday life to communicate with children 9.6 percent of their free time (which is 21 per minute), and on Sunday - 7.2 per cent (35 minutes). But television, they give 15 hours per week, 5 hours more than their wives.

Paradoxically, in spite of the fact that mothers of free time to 1.5-2 hours less than the fathers, the intensity and richness of their communication with children was higher! According to the Institute for Socio-economic problems, mothers are more likely than fathers, talking to children about family affairs, read books, viewed performances, films, television programs. But fathers, as we have seen, the more free time, therefore, more real possibilities for contact with children. Even on the political and social developments mother often talked with his sons than fathers (45.5 per cent of women and only 25 percent of men).

What's the matter? Where to find the reasons for the weakening of contacts with children of fathers and sons in particular?

It's not that today's fathers are thinking less about family and children are more selfish and legkodumny. Reason - in the transitional nature of the modern family, to strengthen the role of social and economic independence of women, who served as the basis for the sharp increase in its teaching authority.

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