Masha went away

10 августа 2011 (09:38:03)

When we played enough ball, I invited the girls to relax in the gazebo. This is the most secluded place in the yard. Only Mary did not go with us and continued to play with the ball. From the pavilion, I saw how to Masha was approached by a strange guy. They talked about something, then went to the porch, where the apartment is Masha. For some reason I was afraid for her friend. The guy was walking behind her, and strangely looked around. I knew perfectly well that other people can not run to his home. While we with Masha were at odds, I decided to check to see if Maria got into trouble. On the third floor, where she lived Mary, I heard my friend cried enough. Then he heard a noise, and all was quiet. I knocked on the apartment door and quickly ran into the street. There, I told the janitor uncle Vite. He called for help three other men. Order the offender that mauled Masha at her home, they were able to arrest him. A friend of mine went to the hospital. After that, Mary and her parents moved out of our house. Where is Mary now lives, I do not know.

What error allowed Masha?