Police whistle (an excerpt from the novel)

14 июля 2011 (19:56:13)

Year of the mushrooms was lucky. By polkorzinki instantly scored. Suddenly out of nowhere mordovorot long before us arose. He was dressed more or less, in all new, with a hat. And with a smile priblatnennoy, like in French: "Bon Jour, Indian!" I immediately realized that it was freed convict. Scared, but calmly say, "Fuck off, my friend, until they lifted the place whence I came." He bowed, he says, a student came to my mother for the holidays, these beautiful girls ever seen. Then I plucked from a pocket of jeans that's ... - Ognyannikova deftly pulled out of the bag resting on her lap a police whistle. - And with all his might as zasvischu! .. "Student" instantly gone.