Imaginary wimp

8 ноября 2011 (07:53:48)

During the game, guys get the job to find the options for action when the enemy struck first, is trying to develop an initial success. After the blow, or under the influence of threats to depict a person weak and sluggish, indecisive, unable to resist severe. Then, having lulled the attention of a sudden strike or throw escape. Presenter notes: "The more successful you will be able to portray confusion, depression, fatigue, the greater will be the element of surprise for the preponderance of forces on your side." The children learn to show weakness in various forms: slow action, portraying lethargy and depression, represent torpor, loss of orientation in time and space after the blow. In addition, a special preparation for the transition from weak to simulate the action. To do this, the players give each other the time for action: to strike, to escape. This kind of opportunity to give those who play the role of attacker.

In discussing the outcome of the game draws attention to the following: the plausibility of "weakness" match "weakness" of character assault, timely transition to action.

Сложно ли изобразить слабость, если её у Вас нет? Если Вы не режиссёр, как Стайн с его ужастиками, то может быть и не просто. Но мир - не фильм ужасов, а актёрское мастерство здесь иногда жизненно необходимо.