Man's business

11 октября 2011 (19:03:46)

As a rule, all the principles of safe behavior are equally apply to boys and girls. But still more needs to be able to protect yourself growing man. The father should take care of the men raising their son. This requires not only give the child knowledge, but also to help physically stronger. You can enroll your son in the sports section or the gym to train for different hobbies. For example, fishing - a purely masculine affair. We need to do so in the future, your child not to be ashamed that he can not even catch a fish. Agree, not very difficult to dedicate their child into the intricacies of this case.

Take on a fishing trip of his son, teach him to fish. This is not just a good skill that is useful in life, but also a way to strengthen the status of men in the child's head from an early age. Кроме того, рыбная ловля полезна для физического развития, and health in the open air near the pond only be fixed.

Besides fishing, the son can teach to other men's hobbies, such as - cars, sports, joinery, etc.