Disrupt the plans of bullies

19 июня 2012 (04:56:33)

The purpose of the game - to teach children to circumvent attackers (bullies, rapists, robbers). For this reaction to the children of the perpetrators must be unexpected and original. Children can use deceptive techniques to use humor to surprise, amuse, puzzle, etc. to discourage an aggressor.

The participants work in pairs. One of them depicts the attacker, the other must reflect the machinations of the attacker. The defender must act on both the attacker to disrupt his plans, to prevent aggression or to change the intended form of aggression (not fists, and a rude word., Etc.), to win time while waiting for help to create conditions for the flight (to divert attention bully him itself, and so on). For example:

- Kid, give money for cigarettes!

- Wait a minute, now the father fit, his money is.

In summing up the game the highest rating given to those who worked unconventional, take into account the particular actions an attacker was able to disrupt his plans, and set him in a difficult position, who managed to seize the initiative.

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