You have not seen my dad?

14 ноября 2011 (18:09:06)

Terms of the game. The boys must find a way in a situation where the threat of attack (bullies, robbers, etc.) is real and when there is no way to escape, when the preponderance of power is clearly on the side of criminals. Alleged clashes - deserted street, vacant lot, park, and the edge of the forest, etc. Children usually find it difficult to find the right solution, which tells the teacher. During the game, the problem guys is to transform, in his own verbally issue an appeal to the aggressors, "Uncle! You have not seen the three men walking their dogs? Somewhere in here my dad with his friends to meet me!"

In the course of the game during the discussion draws attention to the fact to determine whether the children ahead of the aggressor, to portray confidence and calm, convincing, and whether it was realistic treatment, etc.

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