Non-computer games

8 августа 2011 (09:16:49)

My friend Nick and I are very fond of playing computer games. In the cinema, "Spark" has several gaming computers. There, we spend almost all their pocket money. But on the day the money we had. We were standing behind the guys and watching them play. Together with us for a game watched an adult male. Suddenly he said: "Want to play? Here's the money, play!" We were surprised his generosity, but the money they took. After playing on computers, we went out into the street. The guy who gave us the money, sitting in a nice car. He evoked the impression of a respectable young man. It was clear that he was assured, he had his own car, own property and reputation. In our time, not everyone under the force of a lot of money and become rich.

The guy opened the car door and offered to ride with him: "Come to me, will play on the computers as you want."

I wanted to say that I have no time, but Nick pulled me by the hand into the machine. In the car I saw a magazine with naked men and women. The photographs are not confused, this dress! Then I was very scared. I remembered what was said in a television show. It said on the libertine, who adhere to the boys, mutilating them, sometimes even killed.

The guy on the road for something fun to tell. His name was Alex. But I was not listening. I was thinking how to escape. When the car stopped at a traffic light, I would open the door and jump out. But then I remembered the Kolka. I felt sorry for him. It is nothing suspect. Shurik listened open-mouthed. I wanted to go further, but then I thought that we could be taken away to the city to the forest, to the construction site, in some remote place. And then I decided. Sharp opened the door, I jumped on the road. The truck driver jumped from the cab and grabbed me by the scruff of the neck. I thought he would scold me, but the man sat in silence me into his cabin. After all, foreign car, from which I fell, quickly left.

Fortunately, everything went well. Although the Shura was a criminal, he did not touch my friend. Released. He was afraid that I will tell all the police. I did so. This guy is looking for. We Kolka his story helped him find. Then we learned what is at stake. Shura is not only corrupting the boys, but also maimed and even killed some of them. Well, we just got lucky with Kolka.

What are the rules of safe conduct violated the boys?