Unpleasant story

19 июня 2012 (10:31:10)

A nasty story befallen with Victor Ivanov. The parents had engaged in trade, often travel to Turkey and China. They bring a lot of good things and favorite son. He walked in the jackets, jeans, sneakers, which are the heroes of Western movies. He is usually in the pockets of money not only for ice cream. One day Vic heard your yard dvuhkassetny stereomagnitofon. To strangers he was approached by the boys and demanded from him, so he brought home a large sum of money. They threatened him that if someone says a word, they pokalechat his younger brother. Victor was afraid for his brother and met the requirements of criminals. After a while the guys again demanded money, but this time did not bring. For this he was severely beaten. They said that if anything will burn the apartment "hucksters." Then Vic found in the cache and then brought the money to them. But this time he was lucky Beginners extortionists were caught stealing in a booth and sat down for a long time in prison.

Think with your child as you can do to avoid trouble. The child must understand the consequences of yielding to criminals.