Uninvited guests

4 июля 2011 (21:58:46)

After high school, Artem called me to his home. He lived in the house next door, but I was never at his home. I raised his backpack home, asked his parents for permission to go to visit. My mother knew the parents of Artem and did not mind. I took video with my favorite cartoons, and we went. When Artyom took a key from the door, I said: "The door is open, then!" Artem whistled in amazement. The front door was slightly ajar really. I was surprised that Artem's apartment did not enter. Put his finger to his lips: "Shut up!" He listened. I did the same thing. Could be heard in the apartment Artem water dripping from a faucet. I could not resist: "So what?" But Artyom my apartment is not invited. He quickly pressed the bell for all the neighbors on the floor. Doors open two men and one woman. Artem for no apparent reason told them that his house is something wrong with the gas stove. I thought then, if anything had happened to his head. Why did he invent? Gas did not smell.

They went into the apartment. Artem asked me: "Let's all check if there is anyone?" As long as the neighbors watched a gas stove, we went around the whole apartment. My friend said that the apartment could have anyone to hide. But we did not find anyone. Gas stove, too, was in order. Artem thanked the neighbors and began to call on parents to work. We did not play. My friend apologized and sent me home.

The next day I learned that the apartment opened up Artyom thieves just before our arrival. Noticing our approach, they are gone. Only then I understood why my friend had behaved so strangely.