No one helped! (From the diary of Yuri S.)

20 июля 2011 (00:26:09)

September 5. Today beaten bear. I was friends with him before. He is a wimp. Why should I stand up for him? I am strong. For itself can not stand.

September 6. I called Kohl namby-pamby. He was not involved in sports. I have it harder.

September 7. Uncle Victor said that I was the strongest of the boys in the yard. Of course! He saw, as I figured out with Kostya. Kostya two years older than me. Kostya was offended that I called his sister a fool. And it is in the three studies. Reads somehow.

September 8. Dad bought me a new denim suit, a leather jacket. I walk around the new. In the courtyard of the guys envy me. Uncle Victor said that these shoes as me, no one has.

September 9. Borya for some reason did not go with me after school. I watched a cartoon. I called Nikita called to play on the computer, but it did not come.

September 10. In the courtyard of bothering me unknown boys. Confiscated the tape. If only one of his friends came and helped me to fight with them! All fled. Well, I'll show them all!

Why is no one helped Yuri? What is his weakness and that it may be advisable?