The overall development of children

10 октября 2011 (09:23:12)

Perhaps it is no secret that before the child can take any complex learning techniques, such as self-defense or the rules of safe conduct, he should be able to perform basic tasks: count, read, write, etc. Otherwise, in the worst case can grow out of it illiterate and uncontrollable people.

For the overall development of the child must understand not only the basic reading, writing, mathematics, and already understand the values ​​and spatial thinking. It is impossible to train a plant or animal self-defense, because they learn it themselves. Maybe the comparison is not entirely successful, but we differ so that they can learn a lot.

Ask your child if he could, for example, to transfer hours or kilometers per second to meters. Test it. If forgotten themselves as converted value, use конвертор to check the baby. At the same time and themselves learn some forgotten stuff. We have something for adults it is not so important, but the overall development of children and set the correct world view will be very helpful. If you want your child to become a sort of mad fighter, you can not develop it fully. But these things is not recommended.