11 октября 2011 (19:15:21)

Parents should be very well taken care of the upbringing of his son that he did not grow up namby-pamby. To do this, as we have said, it is necessary to develop a child's purely masculine traits. If you do not, of happiness in his life he will not, since it is unlikely he will even stand up for themselves.

Teach the child and good sense, and strength. This game, like billiards, to help develop your son just these two components of a healthy body. Start with a small billiard table, show how to score balls into a pocket. This is not only useful for development, but also very interesting. In the game, and a relaxed form of the child to develop the easiest. If you do not manage themselves, or have decided that your child needs to become a professional in this business, then the школа бильярда you need this help. Make a note of his son there, let develops their talent, of course, if there it is. Although, if you long to play pool, then sooner or later everyone will develop sufficient skills to score from the first ball in the pocket.