Advanced attack

11 ноября 2011 (07:54:19)

During the game the teacher reminds the children that it is best to defeat the enemy without a melee. At the same time it is very important not to miss the point, after which the sure to be followed by a blow, it is necessary to feel this moment in time. Typically, in such conflicts the moment of highest tension is denoted by a small pause. Often, the physical action is preceded by verbal attacks. The children are invited to words, gestures, body movements, "bully" to determine when followed by the first blow, and carry out pre-emptive action. "Offender" demonstrates a willingness to attack in different modes of training open to blow up a leisurely conversation with a counter where there is no overt signs of aggression, but concealed the rapist waiting the right moment to attack. The children learn to "compute" moment when you need to go into action, apply a pre-emptive strike.

Бывают различные конфузы в жизни - смешные и не очень. Порой могут стоить и жизни. Чтобы не рисковать, нужно уметь за себя стоять. Если этому не научились в раннем возрасте, то ещё не поздно. Но если уже нет времени? Что делать, если нужно защитить имущество? Охранное агентство "Соболь 98" решит эти проблемы, избавив Вас от лишних хлопот.