Fathers and sons

19 июня 2012 (20:32:29)

I remember the distant pre-war childhood. My father and I go to the bath. This is a real holiday for me. I saw my father at a difficult time, not often ominous, because, probably, because remember, these are rare, but such moments are important for me to communicate with his father.

Clearly, creating a family, I dreamed of her son, often painted a picture in your mind: Here we go with him slowly in the steam room, quilted it with each other's broom. Having washed, I'm enjoying a mug of kvass drink, and his son, as I had once, pickled apples appetizing stuff down. And we do our endless conversations...

But, alas, many of our dreams will not come true. I have one child - a daughter. And I go into a modern sauna with a friend, neighbor.

Sometimes in the sauna I noticed most fathers and sons. One can not help listening to their conversations and feel disappointed, not seeing the joy that I remember, I always felt the father of our conversations. Once next to me turned out to be a man about fifty years old and his son (he was twenty-five years). They no longer silent or short phrases exchanged about some business matters.

"What's the matter?" - I thought. Hence, all determine the identity of the father? Because my father was a military man, not a historian. It was interesting to talk with him, absorbing everything he told me to feel the connection to time and eras, to feel involved in the events of world history. But I know a lot of interesting people and personalities, as we love to talk, and with the sons of the relationship they have formed is not always the case. For example, would have been my son, now ten, fifteen or even twenty years. No one knows we walked together in the sauna. Or rather, it would be interesting to both of us? I see him all week, the relationship we have, for example, is far from ideal. I have a claim to it weight and level of claims in his oh what a high! Maybe I am more interested to go to the sauna with a friend? Let's talk about children, about their problems.

The real situation? It is!..

Если у вас нет детей, то это не беда. Можно заняться кучей разных интересных вещей. Прогрессивное растениеводство - как раз одно из самых увлекательных занятий, коим можно заниматься всё время, пока не спишь.