The primary means of self-defense

22 июня 2011 (12:56:45)

Let's consider the ways in which you want to learn in the first place. To begin hire a good coach, because that one learn to self-defense is extremely difficult. With the help of

1) learn how to attack in different directions - forward, backward, sideways;

2) then learn the methods of liberation from the different grips;

3) learn how to quickly perform punches, kicks, elbow after release from capture;

4) continue to explore ways to defend against kicks, hands;

5) The need to work out the most popular and accessible locks, straight punches his hand on vulnerable places;

6) work out the kicks to the groin, the knee and other leg locks;

7) learn how to hit your fingers in the eyes of his Adam's apple, and solar plexus.

Develop techniques to automatism must be using a regular and ongoing training. It should be understood that the criminogenic situations are different, therefore it is necessary to train in different conditions, for example, in the dark, blindfolded, etc. Never use these devices without the need!