Flying over the railing

28 июля 2011 (01:21:53)

After working for change, Chumakov, Peter went to the pub. There have stuck to it, two drunken friends.

- You buy our vodka and beer - they said to Peter. - If you can not take, it will be bad.

Peter fumbled in his pockets, but the stuff is not even enough for a beer.

- I am glad to help, but nothing! - Tried to bring the conversation to the "world" Chumakov. In response, followed by stroke. The guy decided to run away from bullies, but they chased him, drove to the landing of the second floor. One of the pursuers took out his pocket knife.

- Now get over it.

And then Peter dropped over the railing of a first offender, then the other. As a result, both were taken to hospital with serious injuries.

Were there any legitimate action Chumakov? Facing the court? Repeat legal aspects of self-defense.