The loss of a father authority

19 июня 2012 (20:05:44)

After losing the role of chief breadwinner of the family, estranged from her worries, fathers lose their authority in matters of child rearing. Perhaps, therefore, is absent in many families, the unity of the educational requirements. Perhaps this explains (at least partially) some of the pedagogical errors fathers, their inconsistency and lack of objectivity?

This contradiction is, as already noted, the psychological basis of many family conflicts, the internal cause of which lies in the so-called father of inadequacy. Formally, the head of the family, and actually ...

"I do not know ..." "Do what you want ..." "You, mother knows best ..." - Such phrases are not only characterized by weak-willed husband and father, but also talk about the fall of his authority in the family.

The situation is further complicated by the fact that in families with a "shift the roles of the spouses", the woman takes the education of sons. Is this good, given the fact that the influence of fathers in these families, weakened, and the school teachers - this is also mostly women?

Note that the fact of who was born - a girl or a boy, the mother is not so important: it's easy to get used to the newborn. Fathers also are more categorical in this regard and experience when their expectations are not met.

Страшно потерять отцу авторитет в глазах своего сына. Но в жизни есть куда более страшные вещи, когда можно точно сказать, что тут-то уже не до смеха. Напугаться в жизни можно многому, но казнь жесть настоящая. Слабонервным такое ни в коем случае смотреть нельзя.