5 июля 2011 (22:42:38)

On such a large and beautiful convertible, I dreamed long ago. He was in a shop window. When I considered it a bit, noticed that a number of mothers do not. She did not notice that I stopped, and went on. I ran behind her, but soon realized that he went the wrong way. I had to go back. Then I realized that I lost. I was hurt, I was scared that I could not find my mother. I cried. I was approached by a mister. He took my hand and said take me to my parents. I pulled out and said that he will go home. Around the big house I saw a janitor. I approached him and told him that I was lost. The porter took me to the police. He asked me where I live. I replied that I live in a big brick house on the third floor. Then he asked my name, the name of father and mother. I replied that my father called Bones, Mama - Natalia Ivanovna. She works at the Pedagogical Institute. I drove to work for mom. They found Aunt Light, who works with her mother. So I found. Then I had to remember his name, our home address, phone number and more. Now I do not get lost. If you get lost, you quickly get to the house. I am now large - learning in first grade!

Repeat rules of conduct to avoid the loss of parents.